Business Mentoring for Natural Beauty Brands

Are you looking to launch a natural beauty brand, and need help with where to start and how to grow a successful business?

I am offering 12 weeks of mentoring and coaching to natural beauty, lifestyle and eco brands who are in the pre-launch, or start up phase.

This programme is for you if:

  • You have an idea for a natural beauty, lifestyle or eco brand and need help with where to start.
  • You have already launched your brand and are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and not sure how to progress to the next step. 
  • You need more guidance, clarity and support from a mentor who has launched and grown a successful beauty business in the natural beauty industry.
  • You need an accountability partner to keep you on track, create deadlines and if necessary give you a much needed kick up the butt.
  • You feel like your brand needs more of a unique voice, and your messaging needs to be clearer and more compelling for your target audience. We can work on developing your brand voice so you stand out from the competition.
  • You need to work on your brand strategy, defining your core values, USP’s and purpose of your brand.
  • You want to feel more confident in yourself and your ability to build a successful brand.
  • You have big dreams and are passionate about building a brand that has purpose and a positive impact on the environment and people. 
  • You are open, ready to invest in yourself and your business and willing to take on new ideas and ready to take action.

How it works:

  • We will start with taking a bird’s eye view of your business so far. Even if this is just at the initial concept stage, we can work on developing the concept further. Or if you are further along in your journey and need help with the next steps, we will take a look at what has been achieved so far, and the goals you want to hit. This initial call takes 1.5-2 hours.
  • Next, we will start working on your strategy to move your business to where you want it to be. This is unique to each business, and I will draw upon my experiences of building Glow Organic, and working with multiple beauty brands over the past few years. 
  • We will have a video call every 2 weeks for 12 weeks. These calls will provide you with actionable steps to help you stay on track and set you up for success.
  • In between sessions, I am available for questions, queries and concerns at anytime, as your own personal business cheerleader! 


(Payment plan option: 3 instalments of £850)

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