Our Pledge for the Planet

Right from the beginning, when I was forming the idea for Glow Organic, I knew I wanted to create a business that had sustainability at the forefront of all decisions. To me, sustainability isn’t a trend, or a word to use as a marketing tool. It’s woven into our DNA as a business. It’s why we do what we do. Because we genuinely want to encourage consumers to make better choices for the health of the planet, not just for their own health. ‘Vote with your wallet’ as the saying goes, and this will spark change. Manufacturers will realise that they need to innovate, or they lose customers. Every time you choose a product that has sustainable packaging or made from ethically sourced materials, for example, you are voting for the kind of world you want to live in. You may think that you don’t have power, but you do. Individual actions are paramount for driving change. The planet needs you and your imperfect environmentalist goals. Sustainability isn’t about going off-grid, living in a mud hut and eating off your own land. In this modern age, it’s about making small positive changes, being aware of your consumption and thinking a little differently.

We are on our own journey of becoming as sustainable as we can possibly be. We are not perfect, and we are still learning. These are our pledges to the planet, that will continue to inspire us, and hopefully to inspire you to live with less impact.

Fully recyclable packaging

We pledge to only use recyclable cardboard, paper envelopes with recycled paper cushioning, and paper tape rather than plastic sticky tape when sending out your orders. 

Responsible purchasing

We pledge to only purchase the necessary quantity of products from our suppliers to suit the demand of our customers. This means that we lessen the risk of products sitting on our shelves and not being sold before their use by date.

Sustainable sourcing of raw materials

We pledge to only purchase from brands who have considered their environmental and social impact throughout their supply chain. We support brands who use organic, wild harvested ingredients that have been harvested using ethical and fair trade standards. 

Reducing our in-house waste and consumption

We pledge to reduce our own waste produced in house, as well as minimising the use of fuel for travel and opting for walking or public transport to the office or events, where possible. 

Encourage education and research

We pledge to continue encouraging consumers to think more carefully about the origins of their beauty products through blog posts, social media posts and informative video content. We hope to spark change and a paradigm shift towards the health of the planet. 

Sustainable brand partners

We pledge to only partner with brands who have a genuine passion for preserving and improving the health of the planet, and who match our own values and ethics. 

Environmental initiatives

We pledge to get involved in more community initiatives that support environmental causes such as beach cleans and recycling programmes.

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