Our Promise

Our Commitment to You

At Glow Organic, our overarching mission is to provide you with the best that the natural and organic beauty industry has to offer. We want to make it easy for you to navigate the world of conscious beauty, to enable your transition to a more ethical makeup bag and bathroom cabinet smooth and enjoyable. We aim to provide transparent information, so you can make informed choices on your purchases, and feel safe in the knowledge that the products you are using are free from harm to the planet, people and animals.


We always have, and always will only stock products that contain ingredients that are*:

  • Responsibly and sustainably sourced
  • Organic or certified organic
  • Natural or naturally derived
  • Cold pressed, raw or wild crafted
  • Ethically sourced

We will not stock products from brands who knowingly cause harm to animals, the planet, people, or our skin. For a breakdown of each individual ingredients list, visit the product page and click on the ‘Ingredients’ tab, and you will discover the full INCI list of each product. If you are unsure of anything you read, please do get in touch and we can help you decode the information, so you know exactly what you are buying.


The sustainability of the packaging from the products we sell is hugely important to us. Wherever possible, we source brands who use either post consumer recycled plastic, cardboard, biodegradable and responsibly sourced packaging. We are also always on the look out for brands who offer a refillable option to avoid unnecessary waste. 

Are packages are all sent in plastic free envelopes and boxes, with paper padding and paper tape to secure your goods. We have also partnered with a sustainable, certified organic fulfilment centre who measure 100% of their emissions to calculate and verify the impact their work and existence has on the environment. This calculation is then put towards supporting projects such as planting trees, reducing Amazon deforestation and supporting solar farms in developing countries. 


Whilst we understand the preference for certified organic products from a consumer point of view, we also appreciate the cost that is involved for many of the small natural brands in the market to obtain this certification. Our commitment to supporting these small, independent brands, means that we allow brands and products who may not have obtained their certifications yet. Each and every product and brand we stock is verified and approved by us so you can be safe in the knowledge that all the ingredients are sourced responsibly.