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  • ZAO Makeup - Shine Up Powder - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Shine Up Powder


    This powder highlighter gives the skin an iridescent, light reflecting finish. It gives radiance to the cheekbones, and provides skin with a natural glow to lift features. It can also be used on the eyes as a shimmering eyeshadow. Beauty Expert Opinion Khandiz Joni, Professional Makeup Artist, Founder of and says: “Hands down my favourite…

  • ZAO Makeup - Solid Makeup Remover Milk - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Solid Makeup Remover Milk - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Solid Makeup Remover Milk


    A solid makeup remover milk to remove traces of makeup and impurities from the skin naturally and effectively. Suitable for sensitive skin, this solid, plastic free bar transforms into a soft milk in contact with water. Each soap bar is designed to last between 3-4 months with daily use. Sold in a metal case for…

  • ZAO Makeup – Velvet Mascara


    Add volume and intensity to your lashes with this volumising, refillable, natural mascara. Enriched with organic linden bud extract, this organic, 100% natural mascara hydrates lashes and adds volume and length. Highly pigmented colour is applied using the silicone multi length brush that picks up lashes and defines and separates. Packaged in bamboo casing to…