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  • ZAO Makeup - Bamboo Duo Palette - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Bamboo Duo Palette - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Bamboo Duo Palette


    An empty bamboo palette designed for using with the Rectangle Eyeshadows. This magnetic, plastic free eyeshadow palette contains a mirror and sponge eyeshadow applicator for precise application. Choose from 2 of the Rectangle Eyeshadows to complete your palette. The bamboo used for ZAO Makeup’s packaging is sourced in China where it is processed on site….

  • ZAO Makeup - Bamboo Magnetic Palette - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Bamboo Magnetic Palette - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Bamboo Magnetic Palette


    A magnetic makeup palette for easy storage and transportation of the powder ZAO Makeup refill products. Also features a mirror in the lid for touch ups on the go. Small Palette – Fits 2 powder refills, 4 eyeshadow refills, or 1 powder and 2 eyeshadow refills. Large Palette – Fits 9 powder refills, or 25 eyeshadow refills. The…

  • ZAO Makeup - Desert Rose Palette - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Desert Rose Palette - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Desert Rose Palette


    A refillable, plastic free, bamboo palette with everything you need for creating a Summer makeup look. The Desert Rose palette from ZAO Makeup is the perfect all in one Summer palette for eyes, cheeks and lips. This refillable palette can be taken with you on your travels this Summer and be used to create stunning,…

  • ZAO Makeup – Mineral Cooked Powder


    Give yourself a gorgeous glow with these cooked powders. Ideal for warming up the skin for a bronze makeup look. Key Ingredients: Siberian Ginseng Root Extract – Works as an anti inflammatory and helps to tone the skin. Bamboo Stem Powder – Helps to replenish silica in the skin which is lost over time, to…

  • ZAO Makeup – Organic Blush


    Give your skin a healthy glow with this talc-free blush. This powder formula will give subtle, natural colour to the cheeks. Key Ingredients: Micronised Bamboo Stem Powder – Promotes skin elasticity by replenishing lost silica. Organic Cocoa Butter – Maintains skins moisture levels and protects skin against external aggressors. 18g. Packaged in bamboo casing with…

  • ZAO Makeup – Organic Compact Powder


    Suitable for: Normal, oily, combination skin Coverage: Medium coverage Finish: Natural, matte finish This mattifying pressed powder will ensure you stay shine free all day long. Use either on it’s own for a light coverage, or on top of a liquid foundation to set it in place and help it last longer. This powder can…

  • ZAO Makeup – Rectangle Eyeshadow Refills


    Create your own palette with these 100% natural, vegan rectangle eyeshadows. The magnetic based can be used inside the Duo Eyeshadow Palette, Bamboo Magnetic Palettes or Clin D’Oeil Palette. 1.3g. Packaged in a metal pan and cardboard casing. Matt eyeshadows 201: MICA, ZEA MAYS (CORN) STARCH*, ZINC STEARATE, SQUALANE, SILICA, BISABOLOL, LAUROYL LYSINE, THEOBROMA CACAO…

  • ZAO Makeup - Shine Up Powder - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Shine Up Powder


    This powder highlighter gives the skin an iridescent, light reflecting finish. It gives radiance to the cheekbones, and provides skin with a natural glow to lift features. It can also be used on the eyes as a shimmering eyeshadow. Beauty Expert Opinion Khandiz Joni, Professional Makeup Artist, Founder of and says: “Hands down my favourite…