As we age, our skin changes. We lose the elasticity we once had in our 20’s, and fine lines and wrinkles start to form. The ageing process is all part of the circle of life. It should be embraced and celebrated! We should never feel ashamed or feel like we should hide our wrinkles. With age, comes wisdom so allow yourself to grow old gracefully and embrace the changes that happen.

Makeup gives us the ability to enhance our features. When worn in the right way, it can transform a women’s confidence. Here are our top tips to keep you looking your best as you age:

Less is more


The more we pile on, the more obvious it will be what we are trying to hide. Make sure you moisturise well and then use a light coverage foundation to even out the skin tone. Couleur Caramel Natur’Fluid Foundation is perfect for mature skin. It provides moisture and a naturally radiant glow that is lost from the skin as we age. It is easy to apply by simply massaging in with fingers, just like you would a moisturiser. A concealer can then be used on top to hide imperfections. ZAO Makeup Concealer is creamy and hydrating, perfect for disguising dark circles or redness.

A little liner can emphasise eyes

Adding eyeliner will really help to define your eyes. Choose a dark grey or brown rather than black. If you find that your eyeliner or mascara tends to smudge easily, only apply it to the top lid. Make sure you get right in between the lash line and smudge it slightly for a softer look. A pencil would work well for this, so try ZAO Makeup Liner in Dark Brown or Couleur Caramel Pencil in Dark Grey. To keep your liner in place throughout the day, apply an eyeshadow in the same colour over the top. 

Keep the shimmer subtle 


Shimmering eyeshadows, highlighters and blush are best kept to a minimum. A little subtle shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes is all that is needed to make them stand out. If you are light skinned, choose Couleur Caramel Pearly White and apply just on the inner corner of the eyes. If you are medium to dark skinned, go for more of a bronze shade such as ZAO Makeup Golden Sand. ZAO Makeup also do some lovely matte eyeshadow colours. Use the colour Brown Beige all over the eyelid, and shade into the socket line with the colour Nude to add some definition.

Add some powder through your brows

The definition of our eyebrows tends to fade as we age. Adding a little powder through your brows can help make them stand out, without making them look drawn on. Avoid pencils as this will make them look too fake. Choose a colour that matches your natural brow colour, or is slightly lighter. ZAO Makeup Eyebrow Powders are available in lovely natural shades and are best applied with an angled brush.

Remember your lipstick and lip liner


As we age, our lip line tends to become less prominent. To emphasise the shape of your lips, line them with a lip liner the same colour as your lipstick. Don’t be afraid to go bold! Bright lipsticks are not just for young women. The right colour red can make you feel glamorous and ready to take on anything! If you are fair or light-skinned, go for ZAO Makeup Lipstick in 464 Red Orange. For medium to dark skin, choose Couleur Caramel Lipstick 223 True Red. If you prefer a more natural lip, have a read of this blog post to find a more subtle colour from the Living Nature range.


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