Meet The Founder






glow-organic-founderEver since I can remember, I have always been a little bit obsessed with beauty products. I could spend hours smelling and testing various different lotions and potions, and never get bored.


This led to me studying hair and makeup for 3 years at Southampton Solent University and then eventually leading to a full time career in makeup artistry. I work as a freelance makeup artist on films, commercials and TV as well as private bridal clients in my home town of Brighton and around South East England.

It was only towards the end of 2014, that I started to take notice of the actual ingredients that I was putting on mine and my clients skin. It was my assumption (and I am sure that of others) that the products I was buying could only be good for me, as this is what they are claiming on the packaging and in their advertising campaigns, why would I need to think otherwise?! 

I started to read the ingredients list on the back of my favourite products, and after googling them, found out that were many nasty side effects to these ingredients that I had no idea about. Carcinogenic, hormonally disruptive, harmful to our environment, irritating to the skin, were all words and phrases that came up when researching the ingredients. I was shocked that so many companies were willingly putting these ingredients into products that we wear for around 14 hours a day.

From then on, I chose to only use products that are natural, organic, never tested on animals and are sourced sustainably. Beauty is a luxury, and I believe looking and feeling beautiful should never compromise the world around us.

I discovered so many brands with the same views as mine, and was pleased to find that they worked just as well, if not better than the mainstream brands I was using before. It also made me feel great knowing that I wasn’t putting my health and the environment at risk.

And so…the idea of Glow Organic was born! I want to provide men and women with beauty products that are pure, ethical and eco friendly, from honest brands, who only want the best for their customers. All the brands I have chosen are a luxury to own, and provide remarkable results.

Nature provides us with everything we need to look and feel beautiful. We are not into using scare tactics and false marketing claims. We simply want to provide you with beauty products that work.

So join me in overhauling your makeup bags and bathroom cabinet, and discover some stunning, effective natural beauty brands that I know you will fall in love with.