Our Mission

Glow Organic have hand picked and tested their products to ensure they are bringing you the finest natural, organic and eco-friendly beauty products on the market. We search the globe to discover new and innovative organic beauty brands and make them easily accessible to all you green beauty addicts!


We only want the best for our customers, which is why we ensure we only provide you with the best quality products. We have selected eco-friendly, animal-friendly, vegan, natural, organic, pure and safe products from brands that care about you and the environment.


Our passion for natural beauty and better health means that we know a fair amount about it! We love to share our findings with our customers, and educate our visitors on the positive and negative side effects of certain ingredients. We love to give our customers advice on products, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Head over to our blog to read our articles and learn more about the green beauty world.


As more and more of us are joining the green beauty revolution, we want to show those that haven’t yet jumped on board, what they can gain. There are natural and safe alternatives for all of the mainstream products sold on the high street nowadays, and we can prove that animals don’t need to be harmed, the environment doesn’t need to be destroyed, and our health doesn’t need to be compromised in order for us to look good.

Ingredients We Avoid

All products sold here at Glow Organic have to follow strict criteria to ensure they fit in with our ethos. As well as never selling products that are tested on animals, we also don’t include any of the following ingredients in our products. Many of these ingredients are commonly found in mainstream brands on the high street. We avoid them because we want to ensure your skin is getting the best quality natural ingredients possible that benefit the skin. Not cheap synthetic alternatives that risk causing skin sensitivities including acne, allergic reactions and dry, itchy skin.
1. Butylated Compounds (BHA,BHT)
A preservative that can induce allergic reactions in the skin.
2. Ethanolamine Compounds (DEA, TEA, MEA)
Used as an emulsifier, or foaming agent, and can dry out the skin.
3. Formaldehyde
Commonly found in nail polish, can cause irritated, itchy, red skin.
4. Hydroquinone
A harsh chemical used to lighten skin, side effects include stinging, burning and dryness.
5. Mineral Oil
Can clog the pores and cause acne, does nothing to benefit the skin’s condition.
6. Parabens
A common preservative that has been found in breast cancer tissue.
7. Phthalates
Contributes to helping other chemicals used in cosmetics to penetrate deeper into the skin. Can cause reproductive and hormonal disruptions.
8. Petrolatum
Used in moisturisers and recommended for dry skin, but does not penetrate into the skin therefore only sits on the surface. Also harmful to the environment, it is not a renewable resource.
9. Triclosan
Can cause disruption in hormones.