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  • alott – sea salt spray


    texture ~ volume ~ matte finish Suitable for all hair types and gentle enough for daily use Full of fortifying minerals and nutrients, anglesey’s award-winning halen môn sea salt adds texture and body for a tousled day-at-the-beach look and feel. bergamot essential oil nourishes hair and makes it smell amazing. Natural origin: 99.1% 250ml  

  • ZAO Makeup - Aloe Vera Mascara - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Aloe Vera Mascara - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Aloe Vera Mascara


    Vegan, 100% Organic, Refillable, Eco-Friendly Mascara. ZAO Makeup’s refillable mascara delivers intense definition and volume to the lashes. The nourishing formula cares for your lashes with aloe vera, castor oil and shea butter. Formulated without synthetic preservatives and with high quality raw ingredients, with mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes. The clever refill system means…

  • ZAO Makeup - Bamboo Duo Palette - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Bamboo Duo Palette - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Bamboo Duo Palette


    An empty bamboo palette designed for using with the Rectangle Eyeshadows. This magnetic, plastic free eyeshadow palette contains a mirror and sponge eyeshadow applicator for precise application. Choose from 2 of the Rectangle Eyeshadows to complete your palette. The bamboo used for ZAO Makeup’s packaging is sourced in China where it is processed on site….

  • ZAO Makeup - Bamboo Magnetic Palette - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Bamboo Magnetic Palette - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Bamboo Magnetic Palette


    A magnetic makeup palette for easy storage and transportation of the powder ZAO Makeup refill products. Also features a mirror in the lid for touch ups on the go. Small Palette – Fits 2 powder refills, 4 eyeshadow refills, or 1 powder and 2 eyeshadow refills. Large Palette – Fits 9 powder refills, or 25 eyeshadow refills. The…

  • ZAO Makeup – Blush Stick


    Intense pigment in a creamy stick formula, these cream blushers are perfect for adding a healthy glow to your cheeks. Blend onto the apples of your cheeks and instantly brighten, freshen up and add a pop of colour to your look. Organic castor oil and organic jojoba oil deliver nourishing botanical goodness to your skin,…

  • ZAO Makeup - Definition Mascara - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Definition Mascara


    Define and lengthen your lashes with this vegan, refillable, natural mascara. With cellulose fibres to thicken and lengthen lashes, this mascara leaves lashes visibly fuller and longer. The brush features very closely knit bristles to grab each lash and separate and define the lashes. Enriched with organic castor oil and organic aloe vera gel to…

  • ZAO Makeup - Desert Rose Palette - Glow OrganicZAO Makeup - Desert Rose Palette - Glow Organic

    ZAO Makeup – Desert Rose Palette


    A refillable, plastic free, bamboo palette with everything you need for creating a Summer makeup look. The Desert Rose palette from ZAO Makeup is the perfect all in one Summer palette for eyes, cheeks and lips. This refillable palette can be taken with you on your travels this Summer and be used to create stunning,…

  • ZAO Makeup – Eyebrow Fixing Gel


    Fix brows into place with this transparent eyebrow gel. This clear gel with a mini mascara wand helps to groom, smooth and sculpt you brows into shape for a natural brow look. Ingredients highlight: Pea shoot extract: Made from young pea shoots, this active ingredient reduces hair loss and stimulates natural hair growth from the…

  • ZAO Makeup – Eyebrow Mascara


    Define, shade and add volume to brows with this eyebrow mascara in 3 natural shades. Adds substance to thin or sparse eyebrows and intensity to light eyebrows. Its formula is enriched with organic castor oil, which is effective in protecting and strengthening the brows and boosting their growth. Ingredients highlight: Organic castor oil: This oil…