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  • A liquid skin supplement, proven to help tackle breakouts and inflammation.

    Each daily dose of the Clear & Calm liquid skin supplement gives you 100% of your daily recommended amount of the below key Vitamins:


    – VITAMIN B3

    – VITAMIN D3


    – ZINC

    These powerful nutrients are high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also proven to help tackle breakouts and inflammation in the skin. As well as helping to reduce scarring and pigmentation in the skin post breakout.

    Working alongside these key nutrients is MSM which is an extremely powerful antioxidant which reduces inflammation.

  • Benefit of each Ingredient:

    Vitamin A

    What is vitamin A? Also known as retinol, Vitamin A is an essential daily vitamin for your skin health for many reasons. It encourages the growth of new skin cells, it breaks down dead skin cells and can also regulate the amount of keratin being produced by your skin. This prevents dead skin cells from sticking together which can cause acne-causing blockages in hair follicles.

    Vitamin B3

    You may of heard of Vitamin B3 called Niacin in the skincare world. Niacin for skin has many wonderful affects, it works in the body as a coenzyme. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that works by reducing the swelling and redness associated with acne. It can also regulate the amount of acne-causing oil being produced by the glands in your skin.

    Vitamin D

    As with every vitamin in C&C it contains enough vitamin D3 per serving to reach your recommended daily amount. Vitamin D has antimicrobial properties, if you suffer from acne caused by bacteria then vitamin D can calm your symptoms. Vit D also has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning by having adequate levels of vitamin D in your system you can reduce the inflammatory symptoms of acne.

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is really beneficial in reducing hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring caused after breakouts. It’s a firm favourite with dermatologists and can be really beneficial in promoting circulation in the skin to help reduce inflammation and post breakout scarring.


    Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve the redness and irritation associated with moderate-to-severe acne. It can even help reduce the appearance of acne scars.


    You may not have heard of MSM but this is our star ingredient when it comes to fighting acne and breakouts. Having anti-inflammatory properties means that MSM can calm existing blemishes, reduce the formation of new breakouts and improve the overall skin condition. MSM is also an extremely strong detoxifier, which forces toxins to quickly move out of the bloodstream, essentially meaning less chance for acne formation.

  • Shake well before use. Take 1.5ml daily preferably in the morning onto your tongue. 33 servings per bottle Once opened consume within 45 days
Weight 120 lb

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Purified water, Glycerol, Zinc (Zinc Gluconate) , Methylsulfonyl methane (MSM) , Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherylacete) , Niacin[B3] (Nicotinamide) , emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, sweetener : Sucralose, stablizer: Acacia Gum, Natural Banana Flavouring, Citric Acid, preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) , Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) , stabilizer: Xanthan Gum