13 Eco-Friendly Beauty Practices for Student Budgets

If you want to become an eco-friendlier student but you’re on a budget, don’t despair!

It’s easy to adopt a greener student lifestyle and make your beauty routine more sustainable whilst saving money.  

Keep reading to discover the small changes you can make to keep plastic out of landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the future of our planet without completely blowing your budget.

1. Use what you already have

The best way to start making your beauty routine more eco-friendly is to use up any products that you already have lurking in the back of the bathroom cupboard, even if they’re not the ‘perfect’ beauty product.

If there’s something you absolutely can’t bear, why not swap it with a friend or donate it?

2. Buy less

It can be tempting to buy every shade of nail varnish, eyeshadow, or lipstick because you love the variety. Or treat yourself to yet another moisturiser because you feel like pampering yourself.

But when you do this, you’re increasing your carbon footprint and draining the earth’s natural resources. Buy only what you need, and both your bank balance and the planet will thank you.

At Glow Organic, we highly encourage you to buy less and buy better.

3. Switch to reusable products

Did you know that if you switch to reusable razors instead of disposable ones, you could significantly reduce plastic pollution in our oceans?

Or that by using reusable cotton, bamboo or microfibre pads to remove your makeup, you’ll help slash water pollution and reduce deforestation?

They’re not as expensive as you think, and you can make your own for maximum frugal brownie points. 

Ditch the cotton pads and invest in Tabitha Eve makeup rounds instead, these are also made to order to prevent waste.

4. Invest in a menstrual cup

If you’ve heard about menstrual cups but think that they’re uncomfortable, expensive, or gross, think again!

These clever inventions are brilliant when it comes to reducing your impact on the plant whilst also being super convenient, comfortable, and stress-free. Why not try one and see for yourself?

5. Research student discounts for eco-friendly brands

Yes, you can often get student discounts from sustainable beauty brands too!

Even if they don’t advertise, ask in-store, check their website, or drop them an email to check. There’s no harm in asking, right? 

We have an offers page that displays everything currently in our sale!

6.  Go for solids!

Instead of reaching for your usual shampoo or conditioner bottle, why not experiment with a solid bar instead?

They usually use minimal cardboard packaging so are great for reducing your plastic waste, they’re lightweight so perfect for travel and they last ages so will save you a tidy sum. 

We love the Kind2 Shampoo and Conditioner, they are perfect for popping in your suitcase and theres no need to worry about liquid restrictions!

7. Look for recycling incentives

Many beauty retailers now offer vouchers that you can spend on gorgeous new eco-friendly beauty purchases if you recycle your old and unwanted beauty products. 

So next time you’re having a bathroom clear out, check out what is available near you and take full advantage.

8. Refill

If you refill your products instead of buying brand new, you’ll keep a significant amount of plastic out of landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and could save yourself money too. Some eco-friendly brands offer a refill service at a discounted price and sometimes even offer promotions on future purchases.

Our Kjaer Weis lipstick refills are 35% cheaper than buying the full product, helping to save both your bank balance and the environment. We also have a full range of plastic free and refillable beauty products you can view here.

9. Choose eco-friendly brands

Did you know that the chemicals like oxybenzone, Parabens, and Triclosan found in many beauty products can harm the environment (and often your body too)? That’s not even mentioning those microplastics that can contribute to plastic pollution in the oceans… 

10. Take shorter showers

We love those steaming hot, relaxing showers! But unfortunately, they can significantly impact the environment and push your energy bill higher than it needs to be.

You can make your showers eco-friendlier by turning down the temperature and shortening the time you spend there to around 5-10 minutes. You can always indulge once a week as a treat!

11. Choose ethical brands

Switching to more eco-friendly practices isn’t only about your beauty habits and the ingredients in your favourite products, but also how ethically they have been made. 

Buy from ethical brands and you’ll know that all ingredients have been sourced responsibly, workers have been treated fairly and the impact on the environment is minimal.
At Glow Organic we have many eco-friendly and ethical brands for you to discover.

12. Use less water

Do you turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth? If not, it’s time to start so you can reduce your use of the earth’s natural resources. According to Save Water Save Money, this simple change of habit could save enough water for 500,000 homes or 180 Olympic swimming pools every day.

13. Recycle

When you hit the bottom of your shampoo bottle or make-up remover, don’t just toss it into the regular bin but make an effort to recycle instead. Wash it out first then, if you can’t reuse it, toss it into the recycling bin instead of sending it to landfill and encourage your housemates to do the same!

Check out the tips on our website for exactly how you can recycle and reuse your beauty packaging.

Final word

Adopting a greener student lifestyle may seem challenging, especially when you’re on a budget. But by making these easy changes, you can become part of the movement to protect our planet and save yourself money too.

Written by Hannah Walters

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