Red Party Lip - A Vibrant Take on a Classic Look



I loved creating this makeup look for the Holiday season. Red lips are a classic of course, but my goal was to keep the look youthful, bringing life and vibrance to the face.

As always I began this makeup with some rich skincare to keep Ella’s skin Dewy and glowing – Try the Evolve Radiant Glow Mask followed by the Hyaluronic Serum and Daily Renew Moisturiser.


Get The Look

The base of this look is fresh glowing skin. I blended the NUI Natural Liquid Foundation in Matao all over Ella’s face with my fingers to avoid a heavy look. I only dabbed a little extra under her eyes and around her nose for added perfection, but you can use a creamy concealer if needed. I blended out to the edge of the face, so there is very little foundation on the jawline and forehead, so it gives the illusion of just fresh skin with no makeup.

Ella has some natural freckles on the tops of her cheeks but I did add a few using some makeup and a small brush in between her own, to maintain the “No Foundation” illusion.  I found a really effective way to create natural looking freckles was by using both the Hynt Beauty and NUI Cosmetics Brow Definer with a small brush.

Pro Tip: Use 2 or more different colours and brushes to create freckles that vary in size shape and colour. Dot in irregular patterns across the bridge of the nose and tops of the cheeks and then dab with your finger. Finally, powder to set and make the freckles part of the skin.




First, I brushed the brows upwards using a spoolie and set using a waxy balm. I defined the outer corners of the brows with the Hynt Eyebrow Definer.

The eye makeup is very simple,  I used a range of natural shadows to contour and enhance the shape of the eye. You can try the ZAO Eye Palette, or the Hynt Beauty Palette in Tuxedo. I used an Ivory on the lid and under the browbone and contoured the crease with a Taupe Beige.

I curled Ella’s lashes up, and for this look I wanted a really fluttery lash so I used 3 coats of Hynt Beauty Mascara. I defined the eyes with a swipe of the Hynt Beauty Forte Pencil in Black on the edge of the lower lashline.


The secret to this lip look is the softness on the edge. This eliminated any crispness which makes the look more sophisticated but not what I was aiming for. This lip looks elegant yet playful and youthful and is perfect for any party or gathering.

I applied the Hynt Lipstick in Red Fervor to the center of the lip with a lip brush, working my way from the center middle out. Then I switched to a fine but soft brush like the orbit eyeshadow brush from Couleur Caramel I worked the lipstick to the edge of the lip, and when I was done. Then I swiped over the lip line with a cotton bud. Keep the edge of the lipstick soft, but be sure the skin around the lips remains clean or the look will be messy and unfinished. This is my take on the blurred edge trend.



Finish the look with a subtle colour on the cheeks. I love the NUI Cosmetics Cream Tint in Karamere because it marries itself elegantly to the tones of the face without overpowering the look. Blend it onto the fleshy part of the cheeks  and blend out.

Finish the look with a light dusting of Hynt Beauty Velluto Pure Powder  applied with a big loose brush just to set the makeup without mattifying too much.

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