Natural Hair Care Tips for the Summer


We all love the summer. It just seems to make everything better. Getting out in the warm sunshine lifts our mood, reduces stress and generally makes us feel less sluggish. And, let’s be honest, it gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in an ice cream!

However, one thing that the sun can have a negative effect on is our hair. If not looked after properly, UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause damage to our hair, including split ends, dryness and discolouration.

To make sure your hair is as happy as you are during the summer, here are our natural hair care tips for the summer months:

Minimise heat exposure

If you’re spending a lot of time outside in the sun, your hair will probably not thank you for then exposing it to even more heat by blow drying and straightening it. Going ‘au natural’ is easier said than done for those of us who have somewhat disobedient hair, and we don’t expect you to cut out the use of heat appliances completely. Just reducing your use of them will really make a difference and help prevent even more split ends and dryness in the summer. For natural beach waves without the heat, try the Innersense I Create Waves Salt Spray on damp hair, scrunch the hair and leave to dry for naturally wavy, beach babe vibes.


Use protective sprays

Treat your hair like your skin when it comes to sun protection. Using heat-protectant sprays can really make a difference to the condition of your hair, especially if you just cannot avoid using hairdryers and hair straighteners. The majority of these sprays also protect your hair against UV damage, so it’s win-win.

Wash out that chlorine!

Chlorine strips the natural oils from our hair which can make it appear dry and brittle. So, if you’re lucky enough to spend your time chilling by the pool this summer, don’t forget to rinse out the chlorine from your hair after swimming.

Invest in high-quality products

Using hair care with nourishing organic oils and natural ingredients will be much more beneficial to your hair than reaching for the cheapest product on the shelf. Investing in a good hair care routine, with shampoo’s that don’t contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and stripping chemical ingredients will work wonders for that shine and manageability during the summer months. Our best selling hair care range is Innersense Organic Beauty. They use pure, natural, organic, high quality ingredients and have been created by hairstylists who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to hair care. We recommend trying out their travel sets for your Summer holidays and the Harmonic Healing Oil and Hydrating Hair Masque for an extra nourishing treatment of split ends and dehydrated, dry hair. 

Wear a hat

We know that hats don’t suit everyone, but other than avoiding the sun completely wearing a hat is the only way to provide 100% protection. If you are spending a prolonged amount of time in direct sunlight e.g. sunbathing, then a hat (or even just anything that covers your head!) can be a real saviour. This will also protect your scalp from burning which is always a common problem as the sun beams down on us, and we all know how uncomfortable a burnt scalp can be! 

Don’t make your messy bun too messy

This might sound slightly confusing but let us explain. Messy buns are a particularly popular summer hairstyle for keeping the hair off your neck in 0.2 seconds. However, getting strands of hair caught between a hairband can cause them to snap, so be careful with how you tie your bun to avoid split ends. Also take extra care when removing the hairband so you don’t snap any hairs. Your hair is particularly prone to breaking when it is wet, so try and dry your hair off completely before undoing your hair band.

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