4 Tips to Maintain your Wellbeing During Times of Uncertainty

Hi, my name is Valentina Marzola and I am a transformational empowerment coach & mindset mentor and I help women who are stuck, insecure and tired of playing small to live courageously and powerfully. Together we work on their mindset, on their body image, their connection to their authentic self and on their fears to achieve that deep inner confidence that will allow them to pursue and create the life they always dreamed of.

In this blog, I would like to give a few helpful tips on how to navigate the uncertain times we are currently facing around the world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. These tips are not only relevant for the uncertainty during lockdown but can be helpful in any uncertain time in your life.

1. Acknowledge the Power of Your Mindset 

Our brains are wired negatively, and from an evolutionary perspective, it’s just our brains trying to keep us safe and helping us survive the dangers of this world. This is called the negativity bias. If you think about it, complaining and seeing the negative side of things comes very natural to us. Complaining about a rainy day when we open the blinds in the morning or getting frustrated about little things is almost automatic. Seeing positive things needs so much more training and effort, we go about our days complaining but when it comes to seeing the beauty and positivity in things, we need to actually make a conscious effort to express them. This is why it’s extremely important to foster positive emotions and this is a key resource for us during uncertain times and times of crisis. Fostering positive emotions can increase resilience, increase immunity, and make you think more clearly which in turn helps with better decision-making. Remember: you can’t make a positive decision from a negative place.

ACTION: Look for something positive each day! – Write it down, talk about it, share it with friends and family but make an effort to focus on something positive every single day.

2. Framing Your Uncertainty

In this time, uncertainty seems to be the only certainty we have. Uncertainty isn’t always a bad thing, uncertainty can be positive, but you have to frame it that way. Think about it, if everybody’s future would be set-in-stone, if we would all know in what direction our life is going and how our life is going to be, we would have no motivation whatsoever. We wouldn’t work on ourselves to create change, we wouldn’t see the power in being the creators of our own life. Not knowing allows us to dream big, to broaden our imagination and to be able to set intentions to direct our life in the direction we want it to go. 

ACTION: Practice safe uncertainty. What feels certain to you right now? What are the securities you are taking for granted? Amidst all the chaos, there is always something that is certain, it could be as simple as working out at the same time every day. This is under your control! And for the areas that are uncertain right now, don’t resist them, focus on what you can control and understand that you are supported along the way and you are exactly where you need to be.

3. Be Specific About Your Greatness

Who do you want to be when all of this is over? The world has literally stopped and paused, giving you the time to get organised, redefine, rest, prioritise, and re-direct your objectives. Be intentional, what is the one thing you want to get out of this time? You have a choice; this time can make you or it can break you. This is an opportunity to take charge of your objectives, your mental health and your intentions and come out of this stronger and more resilient. You know what they say: “every dark cloud has a silver lining” and this is our opportunity to elevate this silver lining and be the writers of our own story. Remember you have the control; it starts with a choice.

ACTION: Write down very specifically the one thing that you want to get out of this time of uncertainty. Be clear, be specific and write down an action plan. Remember, we tend to overcomplicate things and then get frustrated when we can’t keep up with new habits. Make it easy! I promise it’s the best way to start.

4. Stay in Your Own Lane. 

You might have heard this so many times but it’s very important. Especially now, where we have more time to scroll, and where we depend on technology while craving human connection. Social media is a great tool, but we need to use it mindfully. Slow down, listen to yourself, take some time for yourself, your thoughts and your emotions. Focus on your current journey and try not to live your life based on what other people are doing during this time. They are not you and you are not them, so focus on yourself and what makes you happy, healthy and fulfilled. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to what other people are doing on social media and then feel like we are failing. There is no right or wrong here, you define what is right for you. Be compassionate with yourself, you are navigating a difficult time and if you are reading this blog, you are working on making the most out of this time, so be proud of yourself and do not give yourself a hard time. Focus on the process, not the end product, this is a great way to stay present and to be aware of your own interior world. 

ACTION:  Take 5 minutes to sit in silence and breathe. Slow down, tune-in and check-in with yourself, listen to your emotions, feel your breath and give yourself some time before you check on everyone else’s life. Breathe through the experience and make it about you. And when you are on social media, try to be mindful about your use and grow your awareness around engaging in comparisons.

I hope that these tips have been helpful for you and that they could motivate you and inspire you to believe in the infinite potential that lies within you. If you have any questions or need any help around any of the action steps mentioned above feel free to send me an email at valentina@valentinamarzola.com or send me a DM on Instagram, I am happy to chat! My Instagram handle is @valentina_marzola, make sure to follow me for more inspiration and sign-up to my newsletter on my website: www.valentinamarzola.com to stay up-to-date!

I know you can do this!

Lots of love,


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