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Here at Glow Organic, the ethics of what goes into a bottle of cosmetics is just as important as the effect they have on your skin, and we’re certain that you share our passion. That’s why we’re so proud to have announced the introduction of a new range by ethical beauty brand Luxe Botanics.

Innovated by Nature, Designed to Nurture

Luxe Botanics regenerative beauty elixirs are centered on the finest, nutrient-rich organic botanicals to deliver healthier, firmer and more luminous skin. Chosen based on scientific performance, sustainability and their ability to enrich local communities, these nourishing core botanicals are highly concentrated with each formulation to optimize results.

Every bottle of skincare from Luxe Botanics reflects their passion not only for beautiful skin, but for ethically sourced ingredients which have a positive effect on the women and communities who produce and harvest them through their Buy 1 Give 1 Scheme.When you buy from the Luxe Botanics Marula range, you’re not only buying a product that will improve the tone, firmness and elasticity in your skin, you’re also helping create jobs for women living in rural Africa.

The brand’s products are primarily composed of three meticulously researched skin-transforming active botanicals – Hydrating Marula nut oil from Kenya, Brightening Camu camu berry extract from Brazil, and Clarifying Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi.

What is Marula Oil?

Marula Nut Oil is Luxe’s superstar ingredient which single-handedly restores and balances natural moisture levels to improve tone, firmness and elasticity.

Oil from the Marula Tree (Sclerocarya birrea) has been used for centuries by African women to hydrate and nourish the skin, and is also traditionally used to massage newborn babies due to its protective benefits and kindness to sensitive skin.

What are the Benefits of Marula Oil?

One of the main reasons why Marula oil is so good for your skin, and why we’ve fallen in love with it, is because of its naturally high concentration of fatty acids. One of them is known as oleic acid, an omega-9 rich monounsaturated fat that is naturally produced by our bodies to aid skin restoration. In other words, using marula oil gives your skin an added edge in combating skin damage!

Most fatty oils contain oleic acid, but Marula has a higher concentration of oleic acid than even olive oil, and also contains linoleic, or omega-6 acid. As the body doesn’t naturally produce this, it’s important to incorporate it into an effective skin care routine since both of these types of omega oils are essential in maintaining the skin’s youthful moisture and vitality.

Equally important as part of a balanced skin care ritual is the use of an effective antioxidant in order to combat and prevent free radical damage. And when it comes to this, Marula oil does not disappoint. Studies by PhytoTrade Africa reveal that Marula oil “has been shown to have free radical scavenging properties higher than most oils on the market. Tests included ‘skin hydration’, ‘transepidermal water loss’ and ‘increase in skin smoothness’ with marula oil performing significantly well.”

Finally, Marula oil is also naturally high in ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C), one of the most effective protectors against UV damage. What more could we ask for?

What Makes Marula Oil an Ethical Choice?

When it comes to age-defying moisturisation and knowing that you’ve made a sound ethical choice, nothing equals the power of Marula Oil. Not only is it great for your skin, it’s also economically beneficial to the African women who gather it and is a highly sustainable crop.

Marula oil is extracted from the kernel (nut) of the tree, which is wild-harvested and processed by the local Maasai women in Kenya. This provides these women with an independent source of income, which helps them raise their families and benefits the community at large. As a result of the “Giving-Back” scheme, every Marula product sold by Luxe Botanics provides a school child in Kenya with school books, uniforms and shoes. Just another reason to feel great about choosing Marula!
Want to try it for yourself? Here are our two favourite Marula Oil-based product from Luxe Botanics.

Luxe Botanics Marula Hydrating Pre-Cleanser

Luxe Botanics’ Marula Hydrating Pre-Cleanser is the perfect product to detoxify, hydrate, balance and remove makeup from the skin prior to using other cleansers and treatments. Marula oil promotes the production of collagen and elastin and helps to protect and repair free radical damage, while Jojoba oil provides hydration and moisturise without leaving your skin feeling greasy. The packaging is great too, as the aluminium bottle, pump and outer cardboard box are all recyclable. 



Luxe Botanics Marula Hydrating Serum

Luxe Botanics’ Marula Hydrating Serum combines skin-loving ingredients like Marula oil, carrot seed oil and cranberry seed oil to lock in moisture and provide a healthy glow. Ideal for combination, dry, mature and sensitive skin types, this indulgent serum strengthens the lipid barrier for visibly healthy skin while improving elasticity, firmness and suppleness.

Packaged in a glass bottle with a recyclable pump and an outer cardboard box, this serum is eco-friendly too!


Samples of the Marula Hydrating Pre Cleanser and Marula Hydrating Serum are available HERE

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