Introducing: Luxe Botanics


This week, we are very proud new stockists of the innovative skincare line – Luxe Botanics. Luxe Botanics offer a range of targeted skincare that has been formulated with the planets most transformative botanicals.

About the Founder

Raised in South Africa, surrounded by some of the earths most distinctive and diverse ecosystems, founder – Jené Roestorf created Luxe Botanics using her experience as a biotechnologist, combined with her love for nature and its ability to nurture.

Jené meticulously researches ingredients to use in her products, ensuring she only chooses active botanicals that have skin transforming abilities. She has focused on sourcing only the highest grade, nutrient dense, organic and wild harvested core botanicals through fair-trade alliances to support local communities while safeguarding the environment. 

Each Luxe Botanics range is centred around 3 overachieving multi-tasking ingredients – Hydrating Marula nut oil from Kenya, Brightening Camu camu berry extract from Brazil, and Clarifying Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi. Chosen based on scientific performance, sustainability and their ability to enrich local communities, these nourishing core botanicals are highly concentrated with each formulation to optimize results.


For brightening the skintone, repairing damage caused by environmental stress and offering a luminous glow to the skin. This collection is ideal for all skin types and those with dull or sun damaged skin that experience imperfections, dark spots or loss of elasticity and tone.

Products Include:

CAMU Brightening Cleanser – A gentle, lightweight cream cleanser enriched with green tea extract, vitamin C and Camu Camu fruit extract to thoroughly cleanse the skin and brighten the skin tone.

CAMU Brightening Mist – A refreshing mist that delivers nutrient rich Vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and Damascus rose water to provide an instant pick me up and soft, dewy glow.

CAMU Brightening Serum – Target dull, sun damaged skin with a potent boost of Vitamin C, combined with free-radical fighting CoQ10, ferulic acid and tea extracts.

CAMU Brightening Moisturiser – Rich in Vitamin C, avocado oil and camu camu extract to visibly rejuvenate the skin and contribute to a balanced and luminous complexion.


For hydrating, protecting the skin’s moisture levels and improving tone, firmness and elasticity. This collection is perfect for those with combination, dry, mature and sensitive skin types.

Products Include:

MARULA Hydrating Pre-Cleanser – Dissolve makeup, oil, dirt and impurities with a combination of Marula oil, jojoba oil, blackcurrant and rosehip oil. Effectively cleanses skin without disrupting its natural lipid barrier, to keep skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth.

MARULA Hydrating Serum – Hydrate, protect and repair skin with this nutrient rich serum. Bursting with fatty acids and antioxidants to lock in moisture and restore radiance.


For balancing, calming inflammation, purifying pores and clearing blemishes. This collection is perfect for those with combination, oily, irritated or sensitive skin types and may be used post treatment to soothe and repair.

Products Include:

KIGELIA Clarifying Serum – For blemish prone, unbalanced, inflamed skin. Skin regenerating Kigelia africana is enriched with lactobacillus to help calm and repair. Potent antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredients prevent blemishes and calms inflammation.

KIGELIA Clarifying Moisturiser – Lightweight, hydrating moisturiser to balance, refresh and clarify skin. Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial Kigelia africana fruit extract prevents and minimises breakouts.


Giving Back

Luxe Botanics believe in giving back to the communities that harvest and process their core botanicals. Through the Buy1Give1 programme, when you purchase a Luxe Botanics product, you help support communities in Africa, providing books, school uniforms, shoes and nutritious meals to children. When you purchase a product from the Kigelia range, a women in Malawi will receive a 1 day business training course to enable her to establish and maintain her business to support herself and her family and contribute to their livelihood. 

Luxe Botanics are able to positively impact lives and provide fair trade living through a global business community thats creating inspiring, positive change in our world! 

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