Get Glammed up for Autumn with this Purple Smokey Eye.


Today in the Glow Organic office, we have been testing out different eye shadows to pair with our big knits and wooly hats! We wanted to add a bit of colour into the mix rather than going for the usual grey/brown/black smokey eye. So we designed this purple smokey eye look using ZAO Makeup Pearly Eyeshadows and one of our NEW products – Couleur Caramel Organic Black Eyeliner.

With 100% natural formulas, ZAO Makeup Eyeshadows are also not only great for sensitive eyes, but contain natural anti ageing ingredients such as Bamboo Stem Powder to replenish lost silica in the skin. The silica in our skin diminishes as we age, which contributes to those pesky fine lines and wrinkles! Continued use of products containing silica will help prevent the skin from sagging, and help to rebuild connective tissue that has been broken down due to free radical damage. Collagen is mostly made up of silica, so for a natural, mineral based, safe anti-ageing option, for those who aren’t up for injecting themselves in the face, just opt for these eyeshadows.

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Step 1



Apply ZAO Makeup Matte Eyeshadow in Ivory all over the lid to even out the skin tone, and create a good base for other eyeshadows to be applied on top. 




Step 2


Next ZAO Makeup Pearly Eyeshadow in Plum was applied to the outer corners of the eyes. This was blended into the socket line  to give definition to the eyes. It was also placed under the lower lash line and blended well for that smokey effect.

Step 3



ZAO Makeup Pearly Eyeshadow in White was then dabbed lightly into the inner corners to brighten and lift the eyes. This makes eyes instantly look more awake and is the perfect trick for faking 8 hours sleep!



Step 4couleur-caramel-organic-black-eyeliner

 Elongate your eyes with a slick of Couleur Caramel Organic Black Eyeliner across the top lashes. Try to get as close to the lash line as possible and fill in any gaps between the lashes where the skin colour is showing. A cotton bud dipped in a bit of makeup remover or moisturiser is the perfect way to clean up any mistakes – practise makes perfect with this one!


Step 5



living-nature-thickening-black-mascaraFinish with 2-3 coats of Living Nature Thickening Mascara in Black. No eye makeup look is complete without mascara, so load up the brush and layer it on for full, thick, black lashes!


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