Today we are celebrating our first anniversary!

It has been a busy, exciting and successful first year for Glow Organic. I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our customers who have supported our business so far. I appreciate every single one of you for your continued loyalty towards Glow Organic, and I promise to keep up the level of service you expect and deserve from us!

We have lots going on at Glow Organic HQ, and plenty planned for our next year of business. I have been searching the globe for new, innovative, organic, natural and cruelty free brands to add to our website. In the Autumn, we will be launching a brand new range of products to our selection. The name of the brand cannot yet be revealed, but I promise you will LOVE IT. It is the perfect range to bring out just before winter, as it will work WONDERS on skin that is sensitive to the winter cold. It will deeply nourish, repair and protect your skin with its unusual natural and organic ingredients. Keep an eye out for this one! 

We have lots of ideas for improving the website to make your experience as an online shopper much easier. You will be seeing small, subtle but effective changes over the coming months. If you have any ideas that you think would work for improving your shopping experience with us, then please let us know! We are always working at improving our website and the service we give our customers, so will take all comments on board.

As well as improving the website, we will be adding to and developing our YouTube channel over the next few months. So make sure you are subscribed to get notifications of all our videos. We will have tutorials, new product introductions and short snappy tips  to offer away to help you find the perfect products for you.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support, we really do appreciate every single one of you. We will continue to spread the word about green beauty and educate women on the importance of using organic beauty products. We really do hope you will continue to support us by recommending us, our products and our services to everyone you know!

As a little thank you for your support over the past year, I would like to offer you 20% off ALL of our products throughout the entire month of September.

Click the image below to start shopping and enter the code 1STBIRTHDAY at checkout to claim the offer!


Mel x

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