We have a new weekly blog series starting! In this series, we will be finding natural alternatives to some popular mainstream products to help you in your quest to switching to green beauty.

I find most women’s main concern when switching their beauty products to greener alternatives, is that they are unsure if the products will perform to the same standard they are used to.

I will admit that when I first started out on my organic beauty journey, I too was a little worried about being able to find suitable alternatives for my favourite products. There are of course going to be differences in textures, formulas and colours when it comes to green beauty. However, I can assure you, that the natural alternatives on offer out there do an amazing job at rivalling their synthetic counterparts!

Not only are the natural ingredients better for us, our skin and our overall health, they are also all sourced sustainably therefore not damaging our environment. Having tested many beauty products over the years working as a makeup artist, including the big designer brands, I can 100% say that the natural brands provide so much more nutrients for the skin in comparison. No harsh ingredients are used that are likely to cause irritation. No cheap ‘filler’ ingredients are used that have no benefit for the skin, and absolutely no animal testing has been done on the ingredients or the final product.

We are kicking off this new blog series with our favourite foundation alternatives!




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