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Foundation is a very personal choice. What will work for one person, will not necessarily work for another. It can become a never ending quest for some people to find their perfect match, in terms of both colour and texture. It’s so easy to get it wrong if you are not a savvy make up wearer, and the results can be less than pretty. Piling on the powder on already dry skin can result in patchy, flaky finish, which can add years to your skin, making you look older than you are! Or using a foundation that is far too moisturising on an oily skin type could cause breakouts and make your skin look excessively shiny come lunchtime, not a good look!

Follow our guide to find the best foundation for your skin type. All these foundations are natural, with organic ingredients, making them the better choice for covering your entire face. The ingredients are gentle, so will work well on sensitive skin, and will nourish and repair your skin throughout the day. Think of them as a fusion of skincare and makeup, marrying together pure, natural ingredients, with high performance and long lasting colour to provide even, glowing, flawless skin!


Nui Cosmetics – Liquid Foundation


So let’s start with a good all-rounder. This foundation works on any skin type because it is lightweight, it blends seamlessly into the skin and isn’t too matte, nor too moisturising. It has a good balance of ingredients that works for all skin types, it even works on sensitive skin because the main ingredient is Aloe Vera Leaf, which is intensely soothing and healing.

I find the best way to apply this foundation is with a sponge, gently dabbing the product onto the skin. This creates a soft focus, airbrushed finish. Once applied, it is completely undetectable on the skin and looks so natural, yet covers all imperfections seamlessly, even pigmentation and acne scarring! Extra concealer might be needed in any areas of extreme discolouration, for example, very red blemishes or sun damage. I like to use the Hynt Beauty Concealer over the top of this to concealer any extra areas. You may choose to use a tiny amount of powder on the T-zone if you are particularly oily, or for extra staying power. I recommend using one without colour like the ZAO Makeup – Mineral Silk Loose Powder in 500 Invisible.

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ZAO Makeup – Silk Foundation

If your skin doesn’t ever feel particularly dry, or particularly oily, then you have a ‘normal’ skin type. This is the easiest type of skin to find foundation for, it is just about finding your preferred finish (i.e. matte, dewy or natural). The ZAO Makeup Silk Foundation is a creamy, liquid foundation that provides a light through to full coverage. For a lightweight finish, blend a thin layer onto the skin with fingers, starting in the centre of the face, and blending outwards towards the hairline. Apply extra layers where you want a fuller coverage, for most people, this is around the nose where you might be prone to redness. 

I do find this is best applied with fingers, as the warmth of your fingers helps the foundation to seamlessly melt into the skin, creating a flawless base. The silky texture also helps to smooth the skin thanks to the ingredient ‘Phyllostachys Nigra Extract’ a.k.a Bamboo Leaves! This also helps to replenish lost silica in the skin, which diminishes as we age. 

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Couleur Caramel – BB CreamFind-the-best-organic-foundation-dry-skin-types

If your skin is dry, it might feel tight, have flaking areas, and feel uncomfortable straight after washing with water. Dry skin needs a particular type of foundation to keep it looking glowing and healthy throughout the day. Luckily, dry skin types don’t tend to suffer with acne and spots as much as oilier skin, so you can get away with a lighter coverage as there is less to cover! This BB cream is perfect for this as it acts like a lightweight, tinted moisturiser, providing enough coverage for flawless skin, but with added moisturising skincare benefits to provide nourishment.

The creamy texture will intensely moisturise your skin with organic oils such as Argan oil and Apricot oil. These provide the skin with a boost of hydration and leaves it looking glowing and healthy. The finish is dewy, which helps dry skin types look more youthful. Avoid using powder as you want your skin look as moisturised and plump as possible, powders will matte down the skin and you will lose the natural glow. It’s also a good idea to prep your skin well before applying foundation to help provide a smooth and moisturised base for foundation to sit on, and also help it last longer! Use an extra moisturising and illuminating primer such as ZAO Makeup Light Complexion Base, or Couleur Caramel Makeup Base for a subtle radiant finish.

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Couleur Caramel – Compact Foundation

Oily skin is notoriously difficult to find suitable foundation for. Too moisturising, and the foundation slides off after a few hours, but you equally don’t want one that is too powdery as when the oils start to come through, your foundation can end up looking cakey. Prepping the skin well is the key to helping to keep oils at bay, using a primer such as the ZAO Makeup Sublim’ Soft Primer, or the Couleur Caramel Smoothing Velvet Primer, will stop shine in its tracks, before it disturbs your foundation.

This cream foundation has a medium to full, buildable coverage, with a natural looking, semi-matte finish. The creamy texture makes it so easy to blend with fingers, or a brush, whichever you prefer! If you need to cover blemishes or redness, dab a little Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer onto discoloured areas and blend the edges. Finish with a lightweight powder to stop shine, a translucent powder with no colour will work best to avoid too much coverage and the dreaded ‘cakey’ look.

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Still need some advice? Contact us and let us know your skin concerns! We can help you find the perfect products for your skin. 

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