Who doesn’t love this time of year? It might be cold outside and a little bit grey…but wrapping up in a warm blanket, cosying up on the sofa and sipping on a sweet, delicious hot chocolate sounds a little like heaven, no? Unfortunately, our skin does not love this time of year quite as much. The harsh cold weather, low humidity and central heating can wreak havoc on our skin. If we are not careful, our skin is stripped of all its moisture and can start to flake, peel and look dull and lacklustre. Not a pretty sight, and not a good base f or applying makeup either. 

Here are our top 3 skin care tips for taking care of your skin this winter.

1. Use moisturising, creamy cleansers rather than harsh, stripping cleansers.

Using cleansers that require a lot of water to rinse off can contribute to dryness. Believe or not, water, especially hot water, strips oils from your skin making it lose a lot of its natural moisture. Instead, use a creamy cleanser and a cotton pad. Saturate your cotton pad with the cleanser and sweep all over your skin morning and night to remove makeup, dirt and grime. Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser is perfect for this time of year. The Active Manuka Honey acts as a natural humectant, meaning it will draw moisture to the skin and help to heal as well as protect it from further damage. 

2. Using a moisturising serum will save your skin. 


Serum’s are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients. Serum’s should always be used before applying moisturiser, after toner, and on clean, dry skin. A good quality serum that is suited to your specific skin type can quite literally be the answer to all your prayers! If your skin is feeling dry this winter, try the Supermood Moisture Kick Serum. Organic birch sap, sourced from Northern Europe, will get to work to protect your skin against environmental aggressors, as well as increase your skin cell regeneration rate by more than 25%. As well as protecting the skin, birch sap will also heal damaged and inflamed skin, as well as soothe rough, itchy or sensitive skin. Not only that, but it is also recognised as one of the most potent and purest anti-ageing ingredients out there. Nordic women, we may have just uncovered your beauty secret!

3. Start using an oil on the face and body.


Using an oil before or instead of a moisturiser will really help to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling so smooth and luxurious. To get the most out of your oils, always massage them onto slightly damp skin. This will help the nourishing goodness of the oil penetrate into the skin easily. You can either use a spritz of rosewater to your skin before massaging in or just keep your skin slightly moist after cleansing. For a face oil, we recommend Supermood Radiance Face OilOrganic sweet almond oil and organic rosehip oil will help to treat dry skin and work towards balancing out the moisture levels in your skin. Rosehip oil is renowned for fading age spots, scars and imperfections and perfect for revealing fresh, glowing skin! Follow with your day or night moisturiser for added moisture.

For the body, Lola’s Apothecary Body and Massage Oil makes for very luxurious and smooth skin. Apply onto damp straight after a bath or shower and follow with a body moisturiser for extra silky skin.

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