ZAO Organic Makeup was founded by David Reccole. The inspiration to start the brand came after David received a gift from his Taiwanese friend – a pen and pencil made out of bamboo material, this gave David the idea to use bamboo to create an organic makeup range.
Bamboo-zao-makeupDavid decided to use bamboo for the packaging due to its ability to grow exceptionally fast, and absorb carbon dioxide emissions which are affecting our planet. This enables ZAO Makeup as a brand to have a negative carbon footprint, whilst creating products that are sustainably crafted. Most of their products are refillable, which reduces unnecessary packaging which many cosmetic brands are guilty of. Ingredients from the bamboo plant are extracted and used in the formulas for their products too. Bamboo contains high levels of silica, which not only provides a silky soft texture to the makeup, it also provides the skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to help prevent premature ageing and to calm and sooth the skin.

ZAO Makeup are certified by Ecocert and CosmeBIO, you can read more about these certification bodies here. These certifications mean their products must contain 95% natural and organic ingredients, and include no ingredients that are potentially harmful to us and the environment. Instead of using harsh chemical preservatives that many non natural cosmetics companies use, ZAO Makeup use micronised silver to naturally preserve their products.
ZAO Makeup are also proud of not testing any of their ingredients or finished formulas on animals and have been awarded the Leaping Bunny logo. Like many natural and organic cosmetics brands, most of their products are also vegan, with the exception of their pencils, concealers and lip glosses. They are currently researching ways to make all of their products 100% vegan.
As a brand, ZAO Makeup have managed to create a range that is not only safe for the skin, but also contains ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin. Their makeup works like skincare, and helps to soothe and repair the skin during wear. Their products are luxurious, effective and with their HUGE range of colours, enable their customers to express their own style and personality with their makeup. 

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