We love this look on Scarlett Johansson, it perfectly compliments her eye shape, and accentuates her green eyes. This is a versatile look that could be worn during the day, and also for the evening paired with a red or nude lip!

Step 1: Base colour.

Apply ZAO Makeup Bronze eye shadow all over the eyelid, blending the colour outwards, and underneath the lower lash line.

ZAO-Makeup-Bronze-Eyeshadow   ZAO-Makeup-Bronze-Pearly-Eyeshadow

Step 2: Add the liner.

Apply Living Nature Eyeliner in Black to the upper waterline, and underneath the lower lash line.

Living-Nature-Black-Eyepencil   black-eye-liner-lower-lash-line

Step 3: Create that feline flick.

Next step is using a liquid liner such as Couleur Caramel – Organic Black Eyeliner to create that signature cat eye look. Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye, as close to the lash line as possible, to the outer corner. Then start from where you want the flick to end, and come back inwards to meet the line you just created, joining them up.

Couleur-Caramel-Organic-Eyeliner   Couleur-Caramel-Liquid-Eyeliner-Flick

Step 4: Add highlight and mascara.

The final step in creating this look is to add a little highlight to the inner corner of the eyes to make your eyes sparkle and stand out even more. We used ZAO Makeup Eyeshadow in Pearly White. Then finished with a few coats of Couleur Caramel – Organic Mascara in Lengthening Black.

Couleur-Caramel-Lengthening-Mascara   ZAO-Makeup-Pearly-White-Eyeshadow   Organic-Eye-makeup-look

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