Zero Waste Beauty Christmas Gift Guide




With the increasing awareness of the climate crisis, most of us are seeking ways to make positive changes to our lifestyles that are kinder to the planet. Christmas is a time that often produces an excessive amount of waste! It is estimated that 100,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is produced at Christmas. We know our customers, and we know you don’t want to be contributing to this, so we have rounded up our favourite zero waste beauty Christmas gifts for you to encourage your loved ones to reduce their waste too. 

Aether Beauty – Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette

With 12 cosmic inspired shades of metallic, pearly, pressed powder eyeshadows, this palette is for the natural beauty lover who wants to glam up! These dazzling shades come in a variety of colours to deliver looks that will make your eyes sparkle. The packaging is completely plastic-free, and made from recyclable cardboard with a simple elastic band that can be used as a hair tie after use.


NUI Cosmetics – Pressed Powder Bronzer

These beautiful bronzers are the perfect natural shades to create a sunkissed glow without any risk of resembling an oompa loompa! The shades aren’t totally matte, nor are they too shimmery or glittery, they provide a beautiful golden glow to the skin that looks totally natural. Their packaging is pretty cool too. It’s all produced in Berlin meaning less air miles are involved. The outer packaging is made from sustainably managed forest stands, with the inlay is made from 100% recycled fibres that is also compostable. The ink used is a water based, solvent free, vegan, mineral oil free, bio ink.


Evolve Beauty – Exotic Winter Warmer Duo

This duo of Evolve Beauty’s Tropical Blossom Body Polish and Body Butter makes the ideal gift for a conscious consumer this Christmas. The scent of these products whisks you away to an exotic paradise island! And both are packaged in a glass jar that can be reused again and again. We like to use our empty jars as flower vases or pen holders. The beautifully printed box can also be used to store goodies such as jewellery, or bits and bobs for a tidier home.


Lena Wild – Harmony Rescue Mask

A detoxifying, mineral rich powder mask that is suitable for all skin types, but particularly helpful to acne prone, oily or combination skin. The blend of white and green clay, white willow bark and camu camu extract helps to soothe skin issues, reduce inflammation and provides a relaxing treatment for your skin. Packaged in a beautiful apothecary style, glass jar that can be reused for creating your own skincare concoctions or cleaning solution. 


Kjaer Weis – The Cleanser and Tabitha Eve Organic Bamboo and Cotton Flannel

A deeply purifying, certified organic, luxury cleanser with highly pure, cold pressed oils that infuse the skin with minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. This cleanser is the first step to creating and maintaining flawless skin. Pair it with the Tabitha Eve flannel for an effective exfoliation solution, and to remove all traces of makeup and impurities. A non drying, hydrating, calming, balancing and soothing cleansing solution for all skin types. 


ZAO Makeup Bamboo Palette and Refills

One of our best selling products ever! The ZAO Makeup Bamboo palettes make the perfect choice for travelling with all your makeup in one handy case, that looks beautiful, eye catching and is eco friendly. These palettes are magnetic and made from bamboo. You can now choose from a small palette, a large palette or a duo palette with 2 rectangular inserts. The refills are packaged in a cardboard slip, which can be recycled, creating as little waste as possible. Choose from the rectangle refills, or the matte or pearly round refills.


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