How To Wear: Coral/Pink Eyeshadow

For many people, the idea of wearing a pink, red or coral eyeshadow is slightly terrifying. Without knowing how to exactly wear these colours, you run the risk of looking like you have rubbed your eyes raw, or given yourself pink eye, not too attractive…
So we are here to help! We have written a step by step guide, giving you our tips and tricks to help you discover your love for these gorgeous colours. They are SO flattering on blue and green eyes, and can really make your eye colour stand out. With a little know how you can push yourself out of comfort zone and try something a little new. Give these steps below a try, we would LOVE to know how you get on!



Start by sweeping ZAO Makeup 119 Coral Rose all over the eyelid. Concentrate this colour just on the mobile eyelid, without going too far above the crease. This will ensure you avoid the look of having sore eyes! Pat on the colour, and build it up with a flat dense brush. Keep applying layers until you are happy with the intensity of the colour.





Next we need to add some definition into the socket line to make the eyes stand out. Apply ZAO Makeup 115 Ruby Red to the outer corner of the eyes, winging the colour out slightly towards to the temple. Blend really well to ensure they are no harsh edges. Adding a deeper colour to the outer corner adds depth to the whole look.





With a small crease brush, apply a darker shade directly into the socket line, and along the lash line in a ‘C’ shape. We used ZAO Makeup 203 Dark Brown, you can also use a black if you want the look to be more intense and create more a smokey eye effect. Concentrate this colour on the outer corner without going any further towards the inner corner than about half way.



zao-makeup-101-pearly-eyeshadowTo make the eyes appear larger, apply a lighter colour directly to the centre of the eyelid, and also to the tear duct area. We used ZAO Makeup 101 Pearly White as this gives a gorgeous shimmer to the eyes. This creates the illusion of wider, more awake eyes and brings the mobile eyelid forward making eyes appear larger.






Now onto the final touches! We finished the look with a black winged liner using ZAO Makeup Liquid Eyeliner. This brings the whole look together and elongates the eyes, as well as defining them. Use black eyeliner and mascara rather than brown for this look as the contrast against the pink and coral shades is really flattering and makes eyes stand out so much more. We used Couleur Caramel Lengthening Mascara to bring the lashes to life!






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