With an increasing number of organic beauty brands creating safe, clean cosmetics, it is now so easy to find a substitute to your current favourite non-natural product.

Check out our list below to find the perfect natural alternative to your current favourite beauty product, and discover new products you won’t be able to live without!


MAC is a very popular brand amongst women of all ages, they make good products and have a wide range of colours to suit most skin tones. Unfortunately, they are not a clean brand and a lot of their products do contain synthetic chemicals that can potentially cause cell damage and hormone disruption.

They are also no longer considered to be a cruelty free brand and have recently been removed from the PETA cruelty free list. This is due to them now being sold in China, and it being a legal requirement for any cosmetics sold in this country to be tested on animals.

An natural alternative to MAC’s best selling black eyeshadow ‘Carbon’, is ZAO Makeup Eyeshadow in ‘Matte Black’, a completely matte, jet black eyeshadow. ZAO Makeup are a cruelty free, organic, natural and eco friendly brand. Their eyeshadows are highly pigmented, long lasting and create virtually no fall down on application.


Next up is Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, an effective concealer at covering dark circles. However, this product also contains Parabens, a synthetic chemical that has been found in cancer tissue, leading researchers to believe that when this chemical is absorbed into the skin, it could potentially lead to the body growing cancerous cells. 

Laura Mercier claim their concealer to be moisturising for the under eye area, but the ingredients found in this product proves otherwise. Petrolatum is the first ingredient listed, meaning it is the main ingredient in this product. Rather than being absorbed into the skin, Petrolatum sits on top of the skin creating a barrier against the skins surface. Whilst this may protect the skin from external aggressors, it does not penetrate the skin to heal and nourish the skin like many natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter do.

Couleur Caramel’s Dark Circle Concealer is a great alternative to this product. Containing natural ingredients such as Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, you can guarantee that this product will hydrate and moisturise your under eye area.



An illuminating foundation can really bring a freshness and healthy glow to the skin. Lancôme foundation ‘Teint Miracle’ boasts providing a natural, dewy finish. However, with this foundation comes a cocktail of synthetic and hard to pronounce ingredients that don’t benefit the skin in any way. From PEG’s to dimethicone, these ingredients are a relatively low risk to the skins condition, but they don’t provide the skin with any more moisture or hydration compared to its natural alternative Living Nature’s Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation.

With healing and moisturising ingredients, Living Nature have developed a foundation to give that healthy, fresh glow to the skin, whilst also benefitting the skin with active natural ingredients. Macadamia oil and Avocado oil provide deep moisturisation and are rich in antioxidants, preventing signs of premature ageing, and keeping skin looking plump and youthful.



Many people assume that the colours of natural and organic cosmetics, are slightly outdated and not as on trend as other brands. Whilst some of the textures might not be possible to produce in natural and organic form (a pure matte lipstick, for example) there are many natural brands that produce on trend and strongly pigmented colours to rival their non organic competitors.

MAC Cosmetics are considered one of most on trend cosmetic brands, constantly bringing out new ranges and colours to compliment the catwalk shows and current fashion trends. A popular lipstick colour of theirs named ‘Dubonnet’, a deep wine red, is a classic colour that suits the majority of skin tones, if you are bold enough to wear it! 

Couleur Caramel have created ‘True Red’ Lipstick, a lipstick very similar in colour and texture, but also including ingredients such as Organic Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil, to help promote skin regeneration and smooth rough, dry lips.



Products that are applied so close to the eyes, have to be gentle and safe to wear. Urban Decay’s 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner may be extremely long lasting and come in a wide range of bright colours, but it also contains many ingredients that have been researched to have adverse affects on our health.

Benzyl Alcohol is one of the ingredients listed in this product, and being applied so close to the eyes, it could cause redness and itching to those with particularly sensitive eyes. If you are prone to any sort of reaction around the eye area, it is best to stick to products with natural ingredients to avoid damaging the delicate eye area.

ZAO Makeup do a liquid eyeliner that is incredibly long lasting, although not waterproof as it isn’t possible with natural products. It contains 100% natural ingredients, including Acacia Gum, which helps to soothe and heal around the eye area, as well as working as a natural preservative.



If you would like any advice on finding an alternative for a specific product you are currently using, please contact us, and we will do the best we can to find you an alternative that is safe, natural and better for your skin, health and the environment.

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