How to Have an at Home Spa Day During Lockdown


As we approach week 5 of the lockdown here in the UK, many of us will be looking for ways to ease the tension and the anxiety we might be feeling as we try to adjust to our new lives. We know this will eventually pass, and in time our lives will slowly start to resemble the normality that we knew only a few weeks ago. In the meantime, it’s important to take time for the little things in life that make us happy. Whether you are a key worker enjoying a well deserved day off, homeschooling your kids and need an hour to yourself, or you’re a home worker who needs to switch off after a day’s work, we’ve got some tips for bringing the spa experience, to your home. 

Enjoy a luxurious cleanse

No two cleansers are created equal. Some contain simple formulations that are created for a quick, refreshing, morning cleanse. Others are oil-based and perfect for melting away the day’s dirt, grime and makeup. Some, like the Kjaer Weis The Cleanser, are cleverly formulated and created using the most naturally calming, non-stripping, deeply nourishing and refreshingly clarifying plant-based ingredients. As far as luxurious cleansers go, this is up there with being one of the best. Massage onto dry skin in the morning or the evening. It does all the hard work for you and dissolves all traces of makeup, as well as the build-up of oil. Then simply rinse off with a clean muslin cloth or flannel and give your skin a gentle massage for an exfoliating effect. This will prep your skin for your serums and moisturisers and leave your skin luxuriously soft, smooth, comfortable and balanced.


Rescue your skin with a mask

Of course, we can’t mention an at-home spa day without suggesting a mask. If your skin has been suffering recently with the added anxiety (yes, its a thing! Hello excess cortisol!), then adding a weekly mask into your routine will work wonders. The Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask has been formulated with mineral-rich, detoxifying clay’s, and natural and organic plant actives, specifically chosen for their anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties. Always apply masks to clean, dry skin, and keep the mask moist at all times to ensure the ingredients are activated. If your mask starts to dry and you want to keep the mask on your skin a little while longer, spritz with some water or toner. Clay masks that are left to dry on the skin can dehydrate the skin, and cause flaking or irritation, so always keep your clay mask moist.


Give yourself a full-body scrub down

The prospect of summer holidays this year may not be looking likely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the summer to your bathroom. The Evolve Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Polish smells like pure heaven and will remind you of exotic holidays, sipping a pina colada on a beach in the Caribbean. This is an oil-based sugar scrub, with Coconut Oil, Tahitian Gardenia blossoms and Sweet Almond oil to leave the skin feeling extra soft and moisturised, whilst buffing away dead skin cells.


Channel you inner bronzed goddess

There is nothing quite like adding a little bronzed colour to your skin to boost your mood if you’re feeling depleted and low. The ritual of self-tanning can be therapeutic, relaxing and very satisfying when you see your skin looking glowing and healthy. If you’re a first time user of self-tan, a spray-on formula like the Eco by Sonya Hempitan is your best bet for foolproof tanning. This is a dark tan so if you only want a light colour, leave it on for half an hour, and for a darker tan, leave it on for 1 hour. Simply spray the lightweight, tanning water evenly onto the skin, wait for the desired time and rinse off in the shower, the tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours and deliver a long-lasting golden glow to the skin, to help boost your mood.


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