Olivia Wilde’s signature look is glowing skin paired with a smouldering, smokey cat eye. A show stopping look that accentuates the eyes, no matter the colour. This look is surprisingly easy, all you need is the right brushes, some strongly pigmented eyeshadows and a bit of practise, and you can nail this look in 10 minutes flat!

Step 1: Prepare the eyelid.

An important step that many of us miss. To help the eyeshadow last longer, it is important to prep the eyelid before applying eyeshadow, especially if you are applying darker colours, and also if you have oily eyelids.

Apply a matte textured foundation or concealer such as Living Nature’s Foundation, all over the eyelid. Then set the foundation with a neutral coloured, matte eyeshadow, such as ZAO Makeup Ivory.




Living-nature-foundationZAO-Makeup-Ivory-Eyeshadow  Organic-Eye-makeup-look

Step 2: Add the “smoke”.

Apply ZAO Makeup Black eyeshadow all over the eyelid and underneath the lower lash line, ensuring you blend the outer edges with a big fluffy eyeshadow brush to avoid any harsh lines.

ZAO-Makeup-Matte-Black-Eyeshadow   Smokey-Eye-Organic-Makeup

Step 3: Fill in the gaps.

Next, take your Living Nature Eye Pencil in Black and gently scribble along the lash line and on the waterline to fill in any gaps where the skin colour is still peeking through between the lashes. This doesn’t have to be neat, as the next step is to smudge it all with a brush to create that smouldering effect.


Step 4: Make it unique.

This next step can be adapted depending on what you are wearing, your eye colour or how you feel on that day! Olivia has a slightly bronzed hue to her smokey eye, so we used ZAO Makeup Bronze eyeshadow to give our smokey eye a bit of a twist. You could also add a shimmery purple, gold or even green! Apply this colour in the centre of the lid, and under the lower lash line. 


Step 5: Lengthen those lashes!

Apply plenty of coats of Couleur Caramel Organic Mascara in Volumising Black to add drama and volume to those lashes, and complete the look.


And there you have it! A simple smokey eye using only organic, natural makeup.

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