Highlighter is one of those products that can instantly bring your skin back to life. Applied correctly, it will make your skin appear more youthful and glowing as well as lift and enhance your features. The result of a perfect highlighter colour match and application will have everyone wondering what exactly you have done to your skin to make it appear so healthy! Highlighter shouldn’t necessarily be obvious, you don’t want your skin to literally become a reflective surface like a mirror. You just want it to give a radiance to your skin to make it appear more polished.

Finding the right colour highlighter for your skin tone is so important for achieving beautiful, dewy, fresh skin. The wrong colour will be much more obvious and rather than looking glowing, it might make your skin appear dull and sallow. Follow our recommendations below for achieving that perfect highlight.

Medium to dark skin with warm undertones



For a natural look choose ZAO Makeup Light Touch Illuminating Complexion in 723 Peach. The warm tones of this highlighter will lift and sculpt the contours of a warm skin tone, without looking obvious. It is the most natural looking highlighter as it doesn’t have any shimmer, but does contain light reflecting particles that will illuminate the skin. 100% of its ingredients are natural, and it also contains gorgeous nourishing oils such as sweet almond oil to soften and smooth the skin. Read our previous post here for tips on how to apply this highlighter.



For a shimmering highlight, try the ZAO Makeup Cream Eyeshadow in 254 Golden Bronze. The warm tones of this cream product look amazing with a golden tan or on dark skin tones. Just because it is labelled as an eyeshadow, does not mean it has to be solely used as one! Apply with a clean finger and gently pat onto the high points of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and onto the cupid’s bow. 



For darker skin, the ZAO Makeup Mineral Cooked Powder in 343 Golden Bronze works beautifully as a highlighter.


For more medium to olive skin tones, go a few shades lighter and choose 341 Golden Copper. Use a fan brush to apply to apply the powder and dust onto the high points of the cheekbones. Use sparingly and apply in layers to build up the colour until you are happy with the look.

Light to medium skin with cool undertones



For skin with a cool undertone, pink or silver highlighters would work best. Try the ZAO Makeup Light Touch Illuminating Complexion in 721 Pink. As mentioned above, these provide the most natural finish to the skin, whilst lifting and sculpting the features. Apply after foundation and concealer, but before applying powder. If you use powder afterwards, don’t apply over the top of the highlighter to keep the dewy finish.



With a very light touch, use ZAO Makeup Cream Eyeshadow in 251 Copper to highlight your cheekbones. Only a small amount is needed to add a little soft copper pink glow to the skin. This will be best suited to medium skin tones with a cool or neutral undertone, very fair skin may find this too dark.



The ZAO Makeup Shine Up Powder gives a gorgeous champagne pink shimmer and works perfectly for very fair through to medium skin tones. Apply with a fan brush to the tops of the cheekbones, following the natural curve of the face. This also looks gorgeous as a highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes, or as an all over eyeshadow! It gives a stunning radiance to the skin that makes it look healthy and glowing.


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