Botanicals products are hand made and blended in UK using carefully selected organic and natural ingredients.

They include no synthetic preservatives, additives, petrochemicals, colours or fragrances, making them as pure as natural skincare can get! Their aim is to create skincare and body care that is as close to nature as possible, using only ingredients that Mother Nature has provided us.


The owner of Botanicals – Wendy Stirling, started the company in 2004, after one of her daughters suffered a severe allergic reaction to a ‘herbal’ shampoo. She researched the ingredients and discovered many side effects of some of the ingredients in the products. These ingredients included harsh detergents such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and chemical preservatives, such as Parabens – All ingredients those keen on buying only clean beauty products know to avoid!

Although an allergic reaction won’t occur for everyone using products with these ingredients, Wendy knew that there would be plenty of us who would prefer to use beauty products containing only safe, pure, natural and organic ingredients. Large commercial brands find it difficult to provide 100% natural products. This is due to the shelf life needing to be reduced, as without the use of synthetic preservatives products don’t last as long (but still long enough to use up the product!). As no two growing plants are the same, colours and fragrance may vary slightly, this inconsistency in products is not favoured by large retailers.


Botanicals products are created in small batches and are certified by the Soil Association. Their ingredients are derived from sustainable sources, and cause no harm to the environment due to them using biodegradable products and minimal recycled and recyclable packaging. They are also suitable for vegans due to them containing no animal derived ingredients, and not tested on animals.

Aside from the ethos of the brand, the products themselves are an absolute pleasure to use. The fragrance combinations used seem to envelope you in this warm, aromatic atmosphere. They uplift, energise, invigorate, or relax, calm and tranquillise you. Using these products gives you an immediate at-home spa experience.

The power of plants really is magical.


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