How to Use the ZAO Makeup Winter Chic Palette

We have a new arrival from ZAO Makeup in store! This stunning palette creates a full glam look using 100% natural ingredients with 63% organic.

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The palette contains:

  • A pearly, cream textured blush in a rosy pink shade that also doubles up as a subtle pink lip colour. The texture is sheer and it blends beautifully into the skin. The pearlescent finish also provides a stunning highlight to the skin, making your skin look lit from within!
  • A red/purple lip colour with a creamy, moisturising finish. This lipstick is long lasting with a bold pigment. You can wear this colour sheer by just applying a thin layer and blotting with a tissue. Or you can use a brush and build up the colour for a bold, vampy lip.
  • Two eyeshadows in gold and silver that are perfect for an evening look. They work well blended together, with the silver used towards the inner corner and the gold on the outer corner. Or you can wear each colour separately.
  • An eyeliner cake in jet matte black. This can be confusing for some, as eyeliner cakes are somewhat old fashioned, but they are actually much easier to use that your standard liquid eyeliner with a brush. Dip the brush that comes with the palette into a little water, it needs to be damp rather than wet. Then swirl it around into the black shade to form a black paint, its a little like painting with watercolours! Then draw a line along the top lash line, getting into the roots of the lashes, and flick out at the outer corner to create a feline flick, this elongates the eye.

Watch our video to discover our favourite look to create using this palette!



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