6 Sustainable Beauty Swaps for 2019


As we ease ourselves into the New Year after the festive season, many of us will no doubt be thinking of resolutions, changes we want to make and goals for the year ahead. We recognise many of you reading this are already aware of the impact global warming and plastic pollution are having on the environment, and are already doing your ‘bit’ to help the planet. Scientists have estimated that we have 12 years to avoid climate catastrophe, so it’s now more important than ever to rally together, inspire others and start making impactful changes to save our planet.

You may have already started to take your empty jars to the local health food store to refill your pasta. Or even stopped buying those snacks in non-recyclable plastic packaging and started to make your own! But have you tackled your skincare and makeup yet? Thankfully, when it comes to your beauty products, there are plenty of brands and products out there to help ensure your bathroom is just as sustainable.

We have chosen 6 of our favourite sustainable beauty swaps for 2019. These products prove you can easily switch up your skincare and makeup and make a difference to the planet, without compromising on performance, quality, colour or style.

Luxe Botanics – Brightening Cleanser


This cleanser is packaged in an aluminium bottle, with easily recyclable cardboard box (i.e. not plastic coated). The cleanser itself is made from certified organic, and wild harvested ingredients, meaning that no pesticides and toxins have been used in the making of this product. It is often overlooked how much damage pesticides can have on the environment. It is not just important for our own health to use organic products, but also important for preserving the health of our planet. When you’ve finished off the contents of this cleanser, you can re-use the bottle for mixing your own kitchen cleaning products, or as a spray bottle for watering your plants!


BYBI Beauty – Babe Balm


These tubes do look suspiciously like plastic…but they are in fact made from sugarcane, pretty cool huh? Rather than chucking out your empty tube when you’re done and it ending up in landfill – Cut it in half, make sure any remaining product has been used, clean it out, then chop it up and pop it in your home compost where it will biodegrade in around 90 days. If you don’t own a home compost, take it to a commercial composting facility where it will compost in around 30 days.

This rich, multi-tasking balm can be used anywhere on the face and body to heal and moisture the skin. It’s multiple uses mean that you won’t be needing to buy a separate hand cream, lip balm, face moisturiser, or body cream, as this balm does it all in one!


ZAO Makeup – Organic Concealer


Refillable products can dramatically reduce our waste going to landfill, which is why we love these concealers from ZAO. The outer casing is made from bamboo, which has a minimal carbon footprint and can be grown without pesticides. Bamboo also grows rapidly and is harvested in an environmentally friendly way every 3-5 years. Simply keep the outer bamboo casing, and when it’s time to refill your concealer, purchase the refill instead of the full size and not only can you save around 30% off the full sized concealer size, but also reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. These concealers were one of the first products we launched on our website in 2015, and have been a firm favourite right from the start, with many customers coming back for their refills every few months.


Kjaer Weis – Mascara


Many eco conscious beauty addicts will tell you mascara is one of the hardest beauty products to switch when you are looking for a sustainable alternative. Unless you go down the black goop in a tin with a bamboo mascara wand route…which lets face it, will smudge all down your face by 11am (if you have found one that doesn’t, please let us know!). The best sustainable swap we have found comes in this rather chic metal packaging from Kjaer Weis. These mascara wands may be plastic, but they are refillable, and the refill comes in cardboard. The mascara itself is amazing…it defines the lashes, whilst adding jet black colour, and builds length. Kjaer Weis are a brand with the health of the environment at the forefront of the majority of their decisions. All of their products are refillable, and housed in these spectacularly stunning metal compacts.


Sappho – Blush and Bronzer


These blushers and bronzers from Sappho are completely plastic free (in fact, so are all the powders in the Sappho range!). The super simple packaging consists of just a metal pan with the pressed powder product, housed in a lightweight cardboard sleeve. They can be used with the duo blush/bronzer compact, made from cardboard, or the square compact palette so you can build your own palette of blush, bronzer and eyeshadow. The bronzer is a universal shade that will suit all skin types. Just build up the colour from a light dusting on fair skin, to layering up the product on darker skin tones. Choose from the shade ‘Emma’s Blush’, a peachy pink for warm, light to dark skin tones, or ‘Tutz’, a beautiful cool toned pink for fair to light skin tones.


Gressa – Lip Boost


We love the stunning glass packaging and aluminium lids of these lip colours. You can recycle the glass pot when you’ve used up the product, or you can reuse it for keeping your earring studs safe and in one place (just one idea, let us know if you have any more ideas!). The rose gold coloured lid looks so pretty on a dressing table. Choose from 10 stunning shades to suit any mood, whether you’re a bold and bright gal, or a natural and nude. The formula is moisturising with the use of organic shea butter, and stays creamy and smooth with mango butter.


So there you have our 6 favourite sustainable beauty swaps for 2019. We’re adding more sustainable beauty products to our line up this year, and are so excited to show you what we have in store for you! If you have any suggestions for brands you would like us to stock, please do get in touch – hello@gloworganicbrighton.co.uk

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