I feel that eyebrows can really make or break a look. You could have the most perfect eye makeup on, but without a good shape to your brows, you won’t have that overall polished look. Well groomed brows will instantly lift the face and take you from looking tired and worn out, to perky and awake in seconds. All it takes is a powder, a brush and knowing a few simple rules. 

Rule #1

Make sure any stray hairs are plucked. Only pluck from the underneath and the centre of the brows. Plucking hairs from the top will make you lose any natural arch you have to your brows, and you will most likely end up with a straight line for a brow, not a flattering look!

Rule #2

Take a look at the photo below, each line is demonstrating the angle in which to follow to achieve the perfect shape. 

  1. The start of your brow should be in line with the edge of your nose. Imagine a vertical line from the edge of your nose upwards towards your forehead, your brow should be starting on this line.
  2. The highest point of your brow is called the ‘arch’. This should be in line with an imaginary diagonal line going right through the centre of your eye, at roughly a 45 degree angle.
  3. Your brow should end in line with the end of eye at around a 35 degree angle.


Rule #3

Take your powder and a small angled brush, we love using ZAO Makeup Eyebrow Powder with their Duo Eyeshadow Brush and start to draw in light feathery strokes. For the most natural look, take a colour slightly lighter than your natural brow colour, this will avoid them looking too harsh. Fill in any sparse areas and gaps, then start to work on the shape. The areas to concentrate the most on, are the underneath, as you want to create a nice crisp line here, and the arch, as this will lift your whole face.


Rule #4

There is a famous saying in the beauty world:

“Eyebrows should be sisters not twins.” 

No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, and the beauty of humans is that we are all unique. Don’t try to match your eyebrows perfectly, because honestly, it isn’t possible. Follow each of these rules for each eyebrow separately but always check the other now and again to make sure they aren’t looking too different!

Rule #5

Apply a little highlight under the brow to further lift your features. I love using ZAO Makeup Light Touch Illuminating Complexion as a brow highlight as it doesn’t contain any shimmer so is perfect for daytime. It softly lightens the area under the brow in a natural, subtle way to create more of a wide awake look to the eye area. Here is a previous blog post on how to use this product effectively. 



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