When it comes to packing for your holidays, if you are anything like me, you will end up wanting to throw everything in your suitcase ‘just in case’ you might need it. Then it comes to checking in at the airport and you realise you have been a little overzealous with your packing and are met with a rather hefty excess baggage charge. Who would have thought a few bottles of lotions and potions could weigh so much?!

The last thing you really want to worry about when you are on holiday is your makeup. So here is my list of multi-tasking products to take with you so you can still feel glam, look flawless, and maybe even squeeze in an extra pair of shoes!

1. Use Your Bronzer as an Eyeshadow

ZAO-Makeup-Mineral-Cooked-PowderThe ZAO Makeup Mineral Cooked Powders have gorgeous shimmering pigments making them a perfect flattering colour to use on the eyes. Use in the exact same way as you would an eyeshadow, blend over the eyelid, add some mascara for daytime and maybe smudge some black kohl into the lash line for an evening look. Try the matte chocolate shade to add shading in the socket line for a little subtle definition.

2. Double up Your Mascara as Eyeliner

Couleur-Caramel-Volumizing-MascaraAs long as you have a fine enough brush, it is easy to use your mascara as a liner. This is one of my favourite tricks and one I use time and time again when I am in a rush, or too lazy to find my eyeliner! You will need a small fine brush to achieve this. Before applying your mascara, simply dip your brush into the mascara to pick up a little product, make sure there are no clumps on the brush and it will go on smoothly, then apply as you would an eyeliner. 

3. Apply your Lipstick as a Cream Blush

Lippy-Girl-Lipstick-Coral-Me-MaybeIf you have a lip colour that you love wearing, you can also use this as a blush colour! The best colours to use would be colours with pink or coral tones in a creamy texture without any shimmer. With clean fingers, swipe a little product onto your ring finger. The warmth of your finger will warm the product up and make it easier to blend. Smile, and then tap the product onto the apples of your cheeks. Blend the colour up and outwards across the cheekbone. Keep layering on the product until you are happy with the depth of colour. This trick will also ensure you have a perfectly coordinated look as your lip colour will match your blush!  





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