For our next instalment in the Green Beauty Product Swap series, we are focusing on lipstick alternatives. I get so many requests from women wanting to switch their current beauty products to more natural, clean and cruelty free alternatives. I know the feeling all to well when you have a favourite lipstick that has been in your handbag for years, it’s your go-to for any occasion, it makes you look and feel like you can take on the world! (…oh, the power of lipsticks!) Yet, you found this lipstick before you knew about all the harmful effects it could have on your skin, the environment and the fact it was tested on animals.

I love helping women find natural, organic and cruelty free alternatives to these staple products. Even if it means mixing a couple of lipsticks together, we usually manage to find a colour that they are happy with.

If you need help with switching any of your current beauty staples to natural, organic alternatives, get in touch with us via the contact page and we’ll do our best to help.





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