Spring is on the horizon (horraay!) and for me, a change of season usually means a bit of a clear out. I like to switch up some of the beauty products I have been using throughout winter in favour of lighter moisturisers, brighter colours and fresh, dewy textures. I love opting for peach and pink tones in the Spring to really lift my mood and feel ready for the new season.

Follow my tips for ensuring your makeup bag is in tip top shape to start the new season.

1. Disinfect your makeup bag

I am all too familiar with that feeling of distress when you open your makeup bag to discover your favourite powder has in fact exploded all over the entire contents of your bag. Or when your eyeliner has decided it doesn’t need its lid anymore…and leaves black marks inside your bag which then transfers onto everything inside.

Spring is the perfect time for a good deep clean of your makeup bag – turn it inside out and rinse it under the tap with some soap or shampoo to get rid of the majority of the makeup stains. If it is machine washable, chuck it in the machine with your dark wash and it should come out sparkling.

2. Wash your makeup brushes

I cannot tell you how important it is to wash your makeup brushes. I have come across many women who wonder why their products don’t perform as well as they would like, and it’s usually down to the fact that they are applying it with a dirty brush. Think of the build up of makeup, oil, dirt and grime that will accumulate in the hairs of a brush – the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which causes acne and skin irritations. Foundation will look streaky when applied with a dirty brush, powder will look blotchy and eyeshadow just won’t blend nicely if your brush has a build up of makeup and oil in the hairs. So, get cleaning – all you need it warm water and a gentle shampoo. Simply wet your brushes, squeeze a little shampoo into the palm of your hand, and swirl the brush around, rinsing as you go, massaging it into the base of the brush hairs. You will be amazed at the amount of grime that will get rinsed down the sink. Leave them to dry by laying them flat on a towel, don’t sit them upright as the water will seep down and dissolve the glue holding the hairs in.


3. Out with the old, in with the new

It’s easy to forget how long that mascara, lipstick, or blush has been hanging around. Don’t forget that makeup does go off, if you know you’ve had a product longer than a year, it’s probably time to chuck it. Some makeup will go off sooner – liquid, gel or cream formulas should be chucked after about 6 months. Wet formulas tend to go off quicker than powder products do because bacteria just loves a damp environment. If your makeup isn’t performing in the same way it used to, or you find you are suddenly breaking out, then it may be time to have an overhaul and try that new product you’ve been eyeing up! It’s also good to bear in mind that natural makeup won’t last as long as conventional makeup as most don’t contain synthetic preservatives that will help them keep for longer.

4. Ditch the chemicals

It is such a pleasure to speak to so many women wishing to ditch their current makeup brands in favour of a natural alternative. Natural formulas tend to act like skincare and makeup in one – providing anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties (to name a few), as well as colour. They are also much, much better for the environment as the companies use more environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing and producing their products. Not to mention…there is absolutely no animal testing so you can be sure your products are cruelty free. Not many people can afford to completely chuck everything out at once, so I recommend starting with the makeup that you use daily – for most people that is your foundation, concealer and mascara. If you haven’t yet found the perfect natural alternative to your favourite lipstick, then by all means keep it, but also get in touch with us, as I’m sure we can help you find a suitable alternative that you will love.

5. Dig out those Spring colours

So now you’ve had a good clear out, it’s time to dig out those Spring shades to get you in the mood for the warmer weather. Choose a base that is lightweight but still provides you with coverage. The Couleur Caramel BB Cream is perfect for this as it gives a lovely glowy look to the skin, whilst still providing coverage. To add in extra highlight and glow to the skin, I love to use the ZAO Makeup Shine Up Powder – apply this to the cheekbones and inner corner of the eyes to give a shimmering highlight. For lip colours, I love going for a bright pink like the Living Nature lipstick in Bloom, for me this colour is what Spring is all about! It looks great with blue eyes and will really make them pop. I also love Axiology lipstick in shade Virtue if I am feeling more of a coral, warm, peach tone. You can also use these colours as a cream blush, swipe a little onto your ring finger and blend onto the cheeks for a pop of colour.

Now you’re all set for Spring! If you are looking to learn more about how to apply your makeup, then now would be a great time to book in for one of our makeup lessons. We can help you learn the art of applying your makeup and grow your confidence. Our lessons are completely bespoke, so get in touch and we can discuss what you would like to learn. If you are looking for any product recommendations or advice, then send us an email from our advice page, and we can help you find natural makeup and skincare products you will love!

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