How to Fake a Summer Glow with Organic Self Tan

It feels like Autumn has landed itself upon us overnight here in the UK. Just yesterday we had beautiful sunny skies and a warm 25 degrees, and this morning I was met with rain and grey skies. I must admit though, I do love it when the leaves start to turn to that gorgeous red, orange hue and its time to start wrapping up warm in cosy chunky knit scarves. However, I am going to miss that healthy bronzed skin that just gives you a little boost of confidence and seems to make your skin look flawless. I missed out on going on a summer holiday this year (running a business does require full time attention, at all times!) so I have been faking it with the Eco by Sonya range, and will happily admit to anyone who compliments my tan, how I achieved it!

If you’re looking for ways to cling onto that summer bronzed skin for as long as possible, then try these products for size. Eco by Sonya is an Australian brand, started by Sonya Driver, who’s sister was diagnosed with melanoma. Still wanting a healthy tan, without risking her health from the (very) harmful UV rays, Sonya set out to develop a  range of natural, organic self tanning products with skin healthy and effective ingredients. All of the products are safe for the skin, the environment and are never tested on animals, to provide a gorgeous, natural and believable, sun kissed glow. 

Face Tan Water, 100ml, £19.28

A multi award winning gradual tanner for the face, neck and chest. This water-like fluid gradually builds a natural looking tan over 2-3 days. The lightweight formula feels like a toner, so is easy to swipe over the skin with a cotton pad. Just ensure you cover all areas of the face and blend it down the neck. The tan will develop over 24-48 hours, I use this at night after cleansing my skin, and follow with a non oily moisturiser. The ingredients are non comedogenic, meaning they wont clog the pores, I have even found using this has really helped with clearing spots and blemishes! The formula is free from synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens and GMO’s, and contains 92% organic ingredients, pretty cool huh?! It contains Aloe Vera to help soothe inflammation on the skin, as well as Sweet Orange Peel to help with the production of collagen and nourish dry, irritated skin.

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Winter Skin, 200ml, £25.88

Another gradual tanner that delivers a subtle sun kissed warmth to the skin. This moisturising body lotion gradually builds a golden complexion. It thoroughly moisturises and soothes the skin with Aloe Vera, whilst Cacao Fruit Powder hydrates and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. I use this all over at night when I want a more subtle looking tan. If you are very fair or light skinned, this one would work best for you, the finish looks so natural, everyone will think you just stepped off the plane from Saint Tropez!

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Cacao Firming Tanning Mousse, 125ml, £28.09

For a deeper looking tan, that still looks natural, this firming mousse could become a staple in your Autumn wardrobe. Whilst it is still warm enough to show a little bit of leg, I like to use this before heading out for the evening as it is quick to use. It gradually develops over 1-3 hours (you can leave it on even longer for a deeper tan), and gradually fades over 7 days. The lightweight, mousse formula makes blending a breeze and easy to cover all areas. I usually do a couple of coats just to check I have covered everywhere, then sit back and relax for a few hours whilst it gets to work bronzing my skin. I then rinse off with a shower gel that wont strip away the tan. I like using the Coconut and Mint one from Eco by Sonya, this huge 500ml bottle has lasted me a good couple of months so far and I still have plenty left in the bottle.

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Invisible Tan, 150ml, £28.09

Last, but certainly not least, is the Invisible Tan. This creamy, moisturiser develops overnight, so you wake up with a rich, deep, golden tan with one application. I apply this before bed, ensuring I have blended it evenly all over, wait for it to dry and then hop into bed. In the morning, you will wake up to the most gorgeous bronzed hue, then just rinse off in the shower, pat dry and follow with a moisturiser such as the Coconut Body Milk. This tanning cream is more suitable for those with medium/olive skin tones, or those who want to achieve a deeper, richer tan. It can even be used on the face and it doesn’t contain any pore clogging ingredients, or ingredients that will irritate the delicate skin on the face. It uses Avocado Oil, Chamomile Flower Extract and Aloe Vera to soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin from head to toe. 

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