It’s that time of year again when we start to prep, preen and prepare ourselves for the festive events coming up in the next few weeks. Whether you are a ‘throw it all together last minute’ or ‘wax, manicure, blow dry, the full works!’ kinda girl, you’ll no doubt have some kind of preparation to do for holiday season.

I’ve curated my favourite products I always reach for when I need a makeup look that just screams sophistication and elegance…but one that also doesn’t take 2 hours to do. Because who has the time right?!

Couleur Caramel – Makeup Base

Glowing skin always starts with good skincare. After a good cleanse with the Supermood Oil Ritual Face Wash, followed by the Lady Green Gentle Facial Scrub, my skin is then prepped and ready. I always use a primer when I know I won’t have time to touch up my makeup (which is always!). This primer from Couleur Caramel is perfect for adding that glow back to your skin. The subtle iridescent finish gives a lovely illuminated glow making you look instantly more alive and awake!

This primer has numerous skin care benefits, including Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise, balance and soften the skin. As well as Shea Butter, Kalahari Melon Oil and Horsetail extract (which is a plant…nothing to do with horsetails!), all these ingredients help to fight against environmental aggressors and have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

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ZAO Makeup – Silk Foundation

When looking for a foundation, I think it is so important to consider the finish that foundation is going to give your skin. This foundation from ZAO provides a medium coverage that can be built up to a fuller coverage and gives a very natural looking finish. It is the perfect foundation for that ‘barely there’ look, yet provides amazing coverage, ensuring your skin looks even and blemish free. In my personal (and humble) opinion, skin should still look like skin, especially when you have lots of other elements going on with your look, i.e. strong eyes or lips. Choosing one feature to really focus on is much more flattering.

I find this foundation is best applied with fingers as you can really work it into the skin and blend it well. The warmth of your fingers helps to get an even finish and you will be able to feel the foundation almost ‘set’ on your skin.

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Couleur Caramel – Organic Black Eyeliner

Next up is another Couleur Caramel product, and this one is an absolute must have. Liquid liner can be worn by anyone of any age. It’s just about getting to know your eye shape and learning where and how to apply it correctly. If you are new to liquid liner, this product is perfect for you. It has a very thin applicator making it easy to draw a thin line to just subtly accentuate your eyes. You could also go bolder with this and draw a thick graphic winged liner for a more dramatic look. Practice makes perfect with this one, and remember, makeup can always be removed if you make a mistake!


This formula is water-based and contains Organic Rose Water making it perfect for sensitive eyes that have a tendency to stream. Once this liner is in place, it will not budge until you take it off.

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Lady Green – Enhancing Mascara

Lady Green is new brand we have recently added to our line up. Although they target their products towards the younger generation of ladies aged 15-25, and have a lower price point to match, their products are by no means inferior to that of the higher end, luxury brands. After a quick curl of the lashes and a few coats of this jet-black mascara, my eyes instantly look more awake! This highly pigmented mascara is a good all rounder. It can be used lightly with just one coat for a softer daytime look. Or add 2 to 3 extra coats, leaving each layer to dry before applying the next one, for a more dramatic evening look.

This mascara will dry instantly so there’s no need to worry about it smudging, it also removes very easily with micellar water so no need to drag your delicate eye area late at night trying to remove it!


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Axiology – Lipstick

A Christmas party makeup look would not be complete without a little pop of colour added to the lips. You could opt for the classic red lip which would look amazing with an LBD (or any outfit for that matter!). This year I thought I would shake things up and go for a hot pink instead. I opted for shade Attitude by Axiology as I find this colour suits most skin tones, except maybe if you already have a lot of red or pink in your skin. Like most of the Axiology lipsticks, it can be worn as a subtle sweep of colour, almost like a tinted lip balm, or it can be worn bold and dramatic with a few more layers added.

The texture of this lipstick feels very much like a lip balm. It is incredibly moisturising, and I mean incredible! It contains 9 different organic plant oils to keep your lips feeling super soft and supple. This is by no means a matte lipstick if that’s what you are after. For a true matte lip, opt for the ZAO Makeup Soft Touch Lipstick instead.

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