How to Have a Plastic-free Christmas

Christmas is a crazy time of year; finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, the mad rush of getting all the Christmas food in to see you through the festive period, and it just comes around way too fast! With so much focus on consumption, you might be wondering how you can partake in all the festive cheer whilst being environmentally conscious. We thought we would lessen the stress by giving you a few tips on how to have a plastic-free Christmas. They are small changes/alternatives that make a big impact. And, if we all pledge to even try even a couple of these plastic-free options this Christmas, we will be helping out our planet in a huge way.

Choose gifts (for yourself or others) that have plastic-free packaging

We all know that a lot of beauty products can contain a lot of plastic in their packaging that is just unnecessary. One way to avoid plastic this Christmas is to shop plastic-free presents. We have a whole section on our website that features all of our products that are plastic-free (and refillable) that would make great options for gifts at Christmas time. Click here to check it out.

    Use plastic-free wrapping paper alternatives 

    As nice as beautifully wrapped presents are at Christmas time, a lot of the time wrapping paper isn’t always recyclable or plastic-free. As an alternative to this, you can look at recyclable options from shops such as that offer festive designs/prints. You can also use Kraft paper for a rustic feel that is 100% recyclable or reusable. If you are worried about brown paper looking a tad boring, you can dress it up Pinterest-style with festive string and evergreen foliage to add a festive touch. We also offer a gift-wrapping service that takes care of all the presentation and wrapping for you where all the packaging is 100% recyclable. Click here to find out more.

      Choose refillable products for gifts 

      Another amazing thing you can do to avoid plastic packaging in your beauty products (for yourself and for gifts for others) is purchase from brands that offer refillable products. You initially purchase the product in its packaging, and then once you use up the product, you purchase a refill and put that in the compact. This minimises the amount of waste created when replacing a product. A couple of makeup brands that we stock offer refill systems across a wide range of products. ZAO Makeup which offers bamboo outer-packaging for your refills and all their products are organic as well, and Kjaer Weis which comes packaged in beautiful metal compacts if you are after something super luxe and heavy-duty.

        Buy a real tree and decorate your house with natural decor 

        Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree if you ask me. Buying a real tree every year minimises plastic waste whilst giving more of a festive feel to your home with the smell and look of a real tree. They are easy to dispose of with the help of local pick-ups that ensure your tree gets disposed of properly. And, rather than opting for Tinsel for your tree or room decor, why not try a more natural option? Get out into the great outdoors and go hunting for pine cones or trim a few branches from a Fir tree or a Holly bush to decorate your home. There are so many ideas on Pinterest on how to create beautiful decorations with things from nature. This gives a more classic/rustic aesthetic that is so Instagram-able and sets the festive mood.

        Purchase reusable crackers and advent calendars to fill yourself with plastic-free treats

        A lot of advent calendars contain a lot of unnecessary plastic that doesn’t really seem worth the 24 small pieces of chocolate that they contain. The great thing about the reusable advent calendars or crackers is that once you have purchased them, they last for years and you can really personalise the treats to those who are using them. Try or for premade crackers and advent calendars or check out Hobbycraft for kits to DIY.

        Shop locally for Christmas food

        Now this is an obvious one, but is one of the most important tips. A great way to avoid plastic packaged food at Christmas is to shop locally. Go to the butcher’s for your meat if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan and get your veg and other food supplies from the local farmer’s market or green grocer where you can bring your own containers. This is not only great for the environment, but also is a great way to support small, local businesses as well – a win, win!

        So there were a few tips on how to have a plastic-free Christmas. We hope this post inspired you to explore plastic-free alternatives during this holiday season. These switches are easy to do and will have a positive impact on our planet. Don’t forget to check out our plastic-free and refillable beauty products on our site for gift ideas for yourself and anyone you are buying gifts for this year, click here to take a look.

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