The Best Natural and Organic Beauty Products of 2017

Another year is coming to a close, so we thought we would round up our Top 10 Organic Beauty Products of 2017. These are the products that have been flying off our shelves this year! We’ve received a huge amount of positive feedback about these products and we are so pleased you love them as much as we do. Every product we sell has been vetted and approved by professional makeup artists and skincare experts to ensure we are providing you with the best quality products.

1. Hynt Beauty – Duet Perfecting Concealer – £22

We first launched Hynt Beauty in our online store back in March this year. With their cult following in the US, the arrival of Hynt Beauty in the UK turned out to be very popular indeed! They are definitely ahead of the game in terms of green beauty formulas, and this concealer really proves that it is 100% possible to have a pigmented, long lasting, creamy, full coverage concealer using natural, organic and clean ingredients that are safe for the skin and the environment. If you are looking for a natural and organic concealer to conceal blemishes, dark circles, scarring, pigmentation, redness and any other discolourations on the skin, this is the one for you.

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2. Hynt Beauty – Sun Prep SPF30 – £49

It is quite common for a sun screen containing Titanium Dioxide to leave a white cast on the skin and have a slightly chalky and gloopy texture. However, with the advancements in formulations of natural cosmetics, it is now possible to achieve a beautifully silky and smooth textured sunscreen that provides protection from the sun, and doesn’t cause damage to coral reefs and the oceans eco systems (read more about this here.) The texture of this Sun Prep SPF30 Sunscreen is lightweight, non greasy, and leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft, moisturised and protected. It is no wonder it was our second best selling product this year!

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3. ZAO Makeup – Liquid Eyeliner – £16.95

ZAO Makeup was one of the first brands we started with when we launched and they have remained one of our most popular! This liquid eyeliner delivers a rich, jet black colour to add definition to the eyes. It has remained a staple in many of our customers makeup bags, due to the longevity of the formula, the ease of use and of course the eco credentials of ZAO Makeup. The natural formulation and gentle ingredients make it suitable for anyone who suffers with sensitive eyes and skin. It may take a little practise for some of us to achieve that tricky winged liner look that is always on trend, but with the short, thin brush, this eyeliner makes it that little bit easier.

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4. Eco by Sonya – Face Tan Water – £19.28

We all long for bronzed, glowing skin that sometimes feels like it can only be achieved by spending 2 weeks in the Caribbean. This little glass bottle of magic provides an everlasting glow to the face, neck and décolletage all year round. This is the first product of its kind, it is a gradual tanning water that provides a sun kissed glow with no hidden nasty ingredients, no artificial colour, no orange dyes and suitable for vegans. Our customers love how it not only makes you look healthy and glowing, it is also especially good for acne prone and oily skin types. The non pore clogging natural ingredients including aloe vera, orange peel and rose geranium help to fight inflammation in the skin to heal and soothe acne. It is truly a miracle product and I believe everyone should own a bottle!

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5. Lady Green – Enhancing Mascara – £15.50

When hunting for a mascara, most of us are looking for one that is a good all rounder. One that lengthens, volumizes and defines the lashes without clumping, smudging or flaking are a few of the main requirements. This mascara from Lady Green has become one of our best selling mascaras this year due to the application and the formula ticking all these boxes! It builds well so it is possible to layer this product for a more dramatic effect, or just apply one layer for a natural, daytime look. The gentle natural ingredients means it is suitable for even very sensitive eyes, and although not waterproof, it will stay put throughout the day. 

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6. Couleur Caramel – Dark Circle Concealer – £12.50

Despite the name suggesting otherwise, this concealer is in fact a very effective product for covering blemishes, pigmentation, discolouration and dark circles. The creamy formula looks so natural, and blends into the skin seamlessly to provide a barely there makeup look, whilst providing exceptional coverage. Our customers love it because it is a great ‘go-to’ concealer for everyday. Simply use your fingers to pat a small amount under the eyes, and on any red areas or blemishes then set with powder to ensure it lasts all day. It helps to brighten the under eye area, as well as providing moisture for drier skin types. This is a great alternative to the Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer if you have a very dry skin type.

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7. Corinne Taylor – Dry Shampoo – £9.50

A staple in many women’s beauty routines, this dry shampoo is made from organic plant powders and essential oils to leave hair feeling revived and fresh. Some dry shampoos can leave a white residue behind, and leave the hair feeling heavy and weighed down. This dry shampoo is not only 100% natural, it blends perfectly into any hair colour, leaving no trace behind, and even adds body and volume to fine, limp hair. There is a distinct lack of good quality, natural dry shampoo’s that aren’t tested on animals, and we are very proud to say this product is handmade in our hometown of Brighton, UK. Not only will your hair feel and look revived, rejuvenated and healthy, it also adds a fresh, summery scent to your hair with grapefruit and clary sage essential oils. This product is great value for money, only £9.50 and will last you several months!

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8. Hynt Beauty – Nocturne Mascara – £23

Mascaras with natural formulas are continuing to improve year on year with the advancements in natural cosmetic formulations. This Hynt Beauty mascara is now available in black and brown, with black being one of our best selling mascaras this year. It is particularly good at lifting the lashes for that wide eyed effect, whilst also providing volume and jet black colour. It is even infused with a blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants and plant extracts to condition and help the lashes grow! Now if that doesn’t sound like the perfect natural mascara, I don’t know what does…

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9. ZAO Makeup – Organic Concealer – £17.25

It seems that concealers have been exceptionally popular this year! This has been a best selling product since we launched and continues to remain in our top 10. It is particularly popular because of the hydrating, moisturising and creamy texture, making it especially good for dry and mature skin types. It’s easy to use and blends into the skin perfectly for a flawless and very natural looking coverage. It isn’t a heavy concealer (try the Hynt Beauty Concealer for full coverage), but has a very lightweight feel, perfect for concealing just a few marks, blemishes and redness. One of the best features about this product is that it is refillable. Buy the full size version with the bamboo packaging once, and then when its ready to be replaced, just buy the refill size!

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10. Eco by Sonya – Winter Skin – £25.88

Why is it, that as soon as you step off the plane after a holiday, it feels like you left your beautiful golden glow back on those sandy beaches! To keep your tan topped up all year round, even during the coldest, darkest winter, you need to grab a tube of this Winter Skin gradual tanner. It delivers a natural looking, sun kissed glow to the skin, whilst simultaneously moisturising and nourishing dry skin. It’s no wonder this has been a hot seller this year, its free from synthetic fragrance, artificial colours and parabens and is so quick to use, you’ll have your golden glow back in no time.

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So there you have our top 10 best selling organic and natural beauty products of 2017. We would love to hear if there are anymore of our products that were your favourites this year, just leave us a comment below!


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