With 2016 coming to a close, I thought I would round up our 8 best selling organic beauty products that have been flying off the shelves this year! 

It’s been an exciting year with many new brands emerging and the quality of natural products flourishing. Brands are realising that we want modern colours, long lasting formulas and on trend textures that perform in the same way as mainstream products. The organic beauty market shows no sign of slowing down as consumers are becoming more conscious of the ingredients they are putting on their skin. If you compare the products below with the equivalent of a mainstream product, you will be hard pressed to find a difference in their performance!

8. ZAO Makeup – Eyebrow Powder 262 Dark Brown

There are not many green beauty brands that have managed to formulate good eyebrow products with natural ingredients. They are often too warm or not pigmented enough. ZAO released three eyebrow powders this year with colours to suit everyone from pale blondes, to red heads to brunettes. The best selling powder has been the darkest shade 262 Dark Brown. This shade is a cool toned brown, which is perfect for using on the brows or even as an eyeshadow. Made from natural ingredients with extra noplant-basedant based oils such as Apricot Kernel Oil and Avocado Oil.

What our customers say: 

“I have found it hard to source a powder which does not seem too red coloured, and this has solved my problem. Good to apply and matched my brows perfectly. Very natural looking” – Kirsty Elson
“Easy to apply so you do not get a heavy look.” – Jude
“Excellent product, easy to use and looks fab” – Claire S.

7. ZAO Makeup – Mineral Silk Loose Powder 501 Clear Beige

zap-makeup-mineral-silk-powder-foundationMulti-use products are always going to be popular as our lives become busier and we look for ways to simplify our beauty routines. This little gem is quick and easy to apply and provides a natural looking finish. It’s a particular favourite amongst those with oilier skin due to Organic Rice Powder preventing shine from forming throughout the day and providing a gorgeous silky soft feeling to the skin. The most popular shade is 501 Clear Beige – a light, beige toned loose powder that will help to hide redness and an uneven skin tone. Use this powder on its own after moisturiser and concealer, or for a fuller coverage, use over the top of liquid foundation.

What our customers say: 

“All I can say about this product is that I’m so happy to finally find a powder that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve caked my face in flour! I’ve always struggled with oily skin, but this powder sorts it out a treat without clogging up my pores.” – Rachel R.
I’m in the midst of transferring to all natural makeup, and I’m a big fan of mineral make-up this is a great alternative, really light texture and good coverage. Probably not as heavy a coverage as your normal brands but for me thats a good thing, stops it being cakey. I hope they also make this container refillable soon because that is such a great feature! I usually go for the lightest shade for foundation and Clear beige seems to match pretty well. It’s so great that glow organic offer samples as I think you definitely have to try out natural make up options before you commit to a full bottle. Also general tip, be prepared to work the product in a little more than your used too, e.g. more buffing with brush, but its not a bad price to pay for not slathering silicones all over your face!” – Laura 

6. ZAO Makeup – Matte Lipstick 469 Nude Rose

zao-makeup-nude-rose-lipstickIt’s no surprise this has been a popular product this year. This shade is the perfect everyday colour for when you are looking for a colour a little bolder than just a nude lip. It provides a subtle pink colour that instantly makes your skin look alive and healthy. The formula is matte yet doesn’t feel drying. Organic Pomegranate Butter and Castor Oil help to moisturise your lips without affecting the matte finish. If you feel like you need a little more moisture, you can apply a lip balm underneath. Another great feature with all of the ZAO lipsticks is that they are available as refills. This saves you money, is better for the environment and saves space when travelling as the refills are so much smaller.

What our customers say: 

“Very impressed with this lipstick as it’s the first product I’ve found that doesn’t cause my lips to immediately dry out. Long-lasting and vibrant colour – highly recommend!” – Rachel
Great product, feels really smooth and doesn’t dry lips out at all! Lovely colour and will definitely be buying a replacement when my current lipstick runs out!” – Ellie
“Its a good matte lipstick. A bit drying so need to apply balm before, wipe with tissue and apply the lipstick afterwards. It works! I love the color and smell. But most importantly it is safe!” – Suraya

5. ZAO Makeup – Organic Concealer 492 Clear Beige

zao-makeup-organic-concealerHigh coverage, creamy with a natural finish are 3 of the main properties most of us look for when shopping for a concealer. This award winning concealer includes all 3 of these properties and is especially good at covering dark circles under the eyes. The moisturising finish allows it to glide over the skin without settling into fine lines. Only a tiny amount is needed to provide enough coverage to conceal blemishes and pigmentation. It even comes in a green shade that is perfect for hiding rosacea or redness. A must have for anyone who is switching to organic beauty in 2017!

What our customers say: 

“Fairly new to the organic/natural makeup world, I have been really impressed with this Zao concealer. It’s great for my more ‘mature’ skin as it’s nice and soft and easy to blend. I bought a shade lighter than my skin tone and have been using it to brighten my under eye area and as a highlight to my cheekbones. Would buy again. ” – Carrie
“This is my favourite product, ZAO Concealer it really does the job, I use it every day. The color is perfect, very easy to apply and the result is very natural. It really looks like I am not wearing any makeup.” – Paula

4. Couleur Caramel – Dark Circle Concealer 11 Light Sandy Beige

couleur-caramel-dark-circle-concealer-11-light-sandy-beigeAnother creamy concealer that is perfectly suited for hiding dark circles and redness. With its main ingredients being Carnauba Wax, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter, this concealer glides on and blends easily for a flawless and airbrushed finish. Set with a powder to ensure it lasts all day and evening. Our best selling shade has been the lightest shade which is a yellow toned colour perfect for light and pale skin. When covering blemishes, pat on the colour with a flat synthetic brush such as the Couleur Caramel Concealer Brush and then set with a powder. 


3. ZAO Makeup – Liquid Eyeliner 060 Black

zao-makeup-liquid-eyeliner-blackAs you may have realised, ZAO have been a very popular brand for us during the past year! They were one of our main brands when we launched our website just over a year ago, and are now our most loved brand due to their high performing products and quality ingredients. This eyeliner has been a best seller for us right from the start. It is perfectly suited for sensitive eyes due to the extremely gentle formula. If you are a newbie to winged eyeliner, then this is a good one to start with. It has a thin brush so you can get a really sharp line, and avoid making the line too thick. It is also easily removed with a cotton bud and makeup remover for any mistakes!

What our customers say: 

“My daughter has been suffering from severe excema on her eyelids due to her sensitivity to standard make up, we found the Glow Organic website and purchased the range of Zao natural cosmetics. This has transformed her life, her skin is now clear, she had lost her confidence due to the problems with her skin, and the change is remarkable. The service from Glow organic is amazing, we received the beautifully packed parcel very quickly. We can not recomend thise products highly enough, particularly if you have sensitive skin” – Lynda
“I was sceptical about this product being the same as all of the other liquid eyeliners that I have tried. I find that they all tend to transfer onto the top of my eyelid and are not long lasting at all. This is the first eyeliner that has actually stayed where I have applied it and it is without doubt, my favourite item in my make up bag. A must have!!” – Rachel

2. ZAO Makeup – Silk Foundation 701 Ivory

zao-makeup-silk-foundation-701-ivoryIf you are new to the natural and organic beauty market, replacing your foundation is likely to be the hardest task you face. This foundation has been a firm favourite due to its buildable coverage, meaning you can achieve a light coverage with just one layer, or you can build the layers up to a medium coverage. This allows you to have a completely customisable finish. This foundation is best blended onto the skin with fingers and can either be left without powder for a dewy finish, or dust a little powder on the t-zone for a matte finish. This foundation works perfectly with the ZAO concealer to create a natural looking and healthy glow to the skin.

What our customers say: 

“My Grandaughter has been suffering with terrible excema on her face and I bought this foundation for her and it is wonderful, light cover but moisturising, excellent.” – Lynda
“This foundation covers my blemished skin and helps even out my skin tone. It doesn’t cause me to break out and does not feel heavy on my skin. I use a setting powder over the top and the foundation stays in place all day.” – Bethony

1. Couleur Caramel – Compact Foundation 14 Golden Beige

couleur-caramel-compact-foundation-14-golden-beigeOur best selling foundation and our best selling product! Its creamy texture and pan stick application make it quick to apply and easy to blend. It’s the perfect foundation for busy mornings and for touch ups on the go. It provides a natural looking, barely there finish achieving that ‘no makeup makeup look’ with ease. Oily skin will particulary love this due to its matte finish, but dry skin types will also get on well if moisturised well underneath. Long lasting and buildable coverage, this foundation has it all, and is a must have for any new organic beauty lovers! We offer samples of these foundations so you can be sure you can get the perfect colour match.

What our customers say: 

“So underrated! Everyone needs to try this foundation asap! Its a great one for those who are “on the go”!” – Sabrina D.
The quality is amazing. I can feel it is very delicate on my skin. Very good smell!”


So there you have our top sellers of 2016! We would love to know your favourite green beauty products from the past year, let us know in the comments! 


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