One of our main aims at Glow Organic is to inform and educate our customers on best practises for makeup and skincare.  We want to help boost your confidence in your own natural beauty, and see yourself for who you are: Unique and Beautiful. We are not about always following the latest trends, as we understand they may not always suit everyone! We want to provide you with suggestions on how you can make the most of your natural beauty, and enhance your features in the most natural way possible.

This is why we have started a series of blog posts to inspire and educate women on how to wear colours and styles that they may be a little nervous to try! Every Tuesday we will be providing you with ‘How To Wear’ tips and tricks, to help build your confidence to try something new. We would LOVE to hear from you if you have found the confidence to try some of our tips, so please do get in touch and send us a photo of what you have achieved.

First up on our ‘How To Wear’ series, is ‘The Statement Red Lip’.


Many women are conscious about going bold with their lip colours. Common concerns are they are not sure if the colour will suit them, it makes them look too made up or they are worried about it smudging and ending up halfway across their face by the end of the night! Well the truth is…EVERY women can wear a red lip that will look amazing on them, its just a matter of finding that perfect shade of red to compliment their skin tone. Finding complimentary eye makeup and blush shades to wear with a red lip can also be tricky, as going too heavy or choosing the wrong shade for either of these features can make a huge difference in your overall look.

To help you decide which shades of red would be best suited to you, we have compiled a list of shades to compliment each skin tone, and suggestions on what eye makeup and blush to wear with them…

Fair/Light Skin with Pink Undertone

To determine if you have a pink (or also known as ‘cool’ undertone) in your skin, check the underside of your wrist and look at the colour of your veins. If they appear to be more blue or green, then you will have more of a pink undertone to your skin.

Choosing a red with a ‘blueish’ undertone will be most flattering for you and will compliment your cool skin tone. We know this may be a little hard to determine for those who are not trained in makeup, so here is our suggestion:

Couleur Caramel – 223 True Red


Apply with a brush for precision, or with a finger and dab onto lips for a more subtle red lip.

Complimentary Eye Makeup: A simple black eyeliner flick and shimmery highlight. Avoid heavy, dark eyeshadow and choose light, neutral tones to make the lips the stand out feature.

Complimentary Blush Colour: A matte bronze, or natural/nude coloured blush. Avoid pink toned blushers as this will clash!

Fair/Light Skin with Yellow/Neutral Undertone

A yellow (also known as ‘warm’) undertone can be determined by looking at the colour of your veins. If your veins appear more green, you are likely to be warmer. If you veins appear to be a mixture of green, blue and purple, you are likely to have a neutral undertone to your skin.

A warmer red with orange base tones would look best on this skin type such as:

ZAO Makeup – 464 Red Orange


An easy, wearable red. This colour could be worn as a daytime or evening colour. 

Complimentary Eye Makeup: A soft, brown, smokey effect on the eyes would look amazing. Use matte browns for daytime, and switch to a shimmery bronze for the evening.

Complimentary Blush Colour: A peach blush would compliment this colour, but go easy on the blush and keep it light and soft.

Medium Skin with Pink Undertone

It is a common misunderstanding that the darker your skin tone the more ‘warm’ it is. However, even the darkest of ebony skin’s can be considered a ‘cool’ skin tone.

Medium cool skin tones can handle a slightly darker red, such as:

ZAO Makeup – 465 Dark Red


A true semi-matte red, suitable for evening wear.

Complimentary Eye Makeup: Grey/taupe eyeshadows with smudged smokey liner.

Complimentary Blush Colour: Nude or bronze blush.

Medium Skin with Yellow/Neutral Undertone

Tanned skin tones can also handle slightly more intensity on the eyes as well as lips, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Try a rich red such as: 

Couleur Caramel – 263 Deep Red


A bold colour, not for the faint hearted!

Complimentary Eye Makeup: A brown, smokey eye and golden highlights.

Complimentary Blush Colour: Don’t be afraid of the bronzer for this look, but keep to a matte bronzer if you have used shimmer on the eyes.

Dark Skin with Pink Undertones

Cool toned black skin can have noticeable blue tones in their skin.

Complimentary colours for this skin tone will have slight purple or berry tone to them:

Couleur Caramel – 258 Cherry


The perfect colour to make a statement for an evening look. Apply with a brush for a precise line, this colour is matte so will last long into the night!

Complimentary Eye Makeup: Wear simple eye makeup with this, and line the eyes with a black liner, or opt for a crisp winged liner.

Complimentary Blush Colour: A neutral blush with a slight pink tone to it would suitably compliment this berry lip colour.

Dark Skin with Yellow/Neutral Undertone

Darker skin can easily pull off the deepest of lip colours.

A deep burgundy with high shine will really stand out and make features pop.

ZAO Makeup – 031 Burgundy Lip Polish


A deep wine red for a sexy evening look.

Complimentary Eye Makeup: Wear with plenty of mascara and a smokey eye for a vampy makeup look, perfect for autumn/winter.

Complimentary Blush Colour: A warm brown blush with a hint of red would perfectly compliment a dark skin tone with this lip colour.

The next ‘How To Wear’ post will be up next Tuesday! 

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